Earning Tokens on Mobile


Did the tokens earned from mobile ads got reduced or something?

I have noticed that unlike in the previous months where I can watch 5 consecutive videos and earn a few tokens from that, I can watch one and then the button gets replaced with a “come back later” message.

Sometimes, I would open the game and the message still says “Come back later” even when it was the first time I loaded the game that day.

Anyone else experiencing this?



My belief is on how many tokens you have right now. If you have “ZERO” tokens you probably get 10 tokens a day. If you have 1000 or more tokens, you probably get less. Maybe the computer system knows how much you have. That’s just my belief.


i don’t have 1,000 tokens. Well, with the sale, my tokens is now less… Maybe I will get more tokens now? :smiley: