E5, the place where you can farm and still get away with it


So, you look at this stats:



You gonna say… what a nice player on a solo world. Many kills, few losses, awesome.

Then u just need to look around…

Farm I


Farm II


Farm III


Farm IV


Farm V


Idk if there are more, but this ain’t new to E5… It use to happens every E5, but our dear Admin use to only ban the Farms and not the Farmer, that way you get urs r4/r5 on the easiest way (that shouldn’t be allowed) and still keep playing. If u need more, just need to keep farming like that.


LOL how is this guy not banned yet… wow

@Alexander, I know Joe literally never uses the forum, get him to ban this guy, please. I’m not even on E5 and I want this kid banned. Thats a joke


Hey guys, remember under the new (and voted on rules) it’s nearly impossible to ban farms and spammers!


Is there a way to sad react?


Honestly, 2 of those look like a bit of a stretch to me. The other one’s are already banned. As for Zizihmahen, that’s still extremely sad xp farming honestly… only 1523 kills and he’s being fed them.
But, I do know admin’s can simply take away the unit xp as well, which may have been what Joe did after banning. I don’t know for sure though honestly.

And no, this is not allowed (hence they are banned). These aren’t spammers for one, they’re xp farms. And we explicitly say in the rules, farming xp is bannable if proven to have any connection (essentially, this is no different than before…).

But currently, it is very early morning for Joe & Alex. If it’s illegally farmed, the xp will be taken away for sure and he’ll likely get a ban if any connection can be found (sadly, we can’t put it past players to try framing each other… because you all seriously do shady crap like that all the time too…)


Or the op farming he’s done in India lol…


Honestly Theo has built a multi national company on E5 lol