E5 is what true BD is right now


so for all those who don’t know the situation everybody is actually fighting for once
i wonder how it’ll be when relics come out
let me know what your thoughts on E5 of this era is


screen shots of top 12 territory please :slight_smile:



here’s a bigger pic since my desktop is massive


idc if anyone agrees or not but theo is a beast in solo


I’m rooting for my baby clay this era :kissing_heart:


Whom won? My lads of course. Keep rooting for Clay. He decided to be in Theo’s team, which is why he lost.


Truth spoken 20 char limit


That wasn’t the case when I posted this :sleepy:

But he died hard so whatever.


That’s always the case, Carter my dear boy. They knew what was going on. Gaurav, Felipe, and Pantera are some of the best players in BD.