E5 Era 75: The Kebab Removers and Weedman

Filip Budimirovic
aka Supposed Kebab Remover

Messages me early era, asks me to hit @MikotoSouh
(but why should I attack? I’m JW and I have nothing against Mikoto)
Later boasts about how he “defeated” Mikoto
I message him asking for friendlies

Later on, he conquers someone and 3 AI colonies get liberated.
I conquer 2 of those, then he comes crying to me asking why I took his conquers, saying “it’s not fair”.

even though he never even bothered to attack the 2 I took, and even accused me of taking the other one which he clearly had already conquered.
A few ticks later…

Oh no, what is going on???
Oh wait, of course.
Filip attempts to nuke my army
Filip attempts to attack my army with all of his squads
Filip fails on both of his tries
Meanwhile, my colony is sitting open, no radar visibility whatsoever, and no chance of Sat Scan.
Am I fucked? Nope.
Instead he spams my colony. :smile:
I call him out for backstabbing, and suddenly…

oh no! Its the kebab removers!
(Notice how he still tries to get peace from me…)
(Also notice how he says he will end me like he “ended Mikoto”) (which he probably didn’t really do…)
Some other random guy attacks Filip
Filip proceeds to run
Gentlemen, what should I expect from the kebab removers? 4E type of shit or just an empty threat?

That’s SRB alliance. They are awful.

As a side note, it’s nice seeing someone that’s a worse player than SGuderian. Makes me happy.


the kebab removers lmaooo


My people…faq i live in Srb kill me

I am terribly sorry that my people are ridiculis…
The truth…is that they want to win every single time.
So me and my best friend from school?We are normal
I am sorry about this crap.
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haha I get ya, some people are way too patriotic sometimes :joy:

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Courtesy or @Excel
This boi is actually bringing more people to fight me. This is just ridiculous.


2bad I can’t play BD anymore I would steamroll everyone 2ez.

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Trust me.Living that country is peacfull…But public acting like a hell.

I think he’s feeling special now, my lack of energy made me incapable of even doing an incoming scan, so I lost a lot to him haha

You coulda asked someone else to scan for u. Smh

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lol why, whats wrong with asking me :disappointed_relieved:

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He asked you?

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Yeah, I asked Excel a few times, but sometimes the response was a bit late, and even so after being jammed for so long there was little I could do in terms of attack and traps and stuff.

Friendly advice, bro, but if a “friend” who is usually consistently online just so happens to MIA when you need a scan the most, they’re probably playing ball for the other team, as it were. Just what I’ve noticed personally, so I can’t vouch for everyone all of the time, just… y’know, be careful who you put too much trust in. : *

yes vahnati you got me, thank you for your genius. you are clearly a god pro and thank you for giving us this knowledge even though i was only late once out of the couple times he asked for a scan. Friendly advice bro, but dont be so pretentious, it makes people dislike you for no reason. just what i’ve noticed personally, so i cant vouch for everyone all the time, just… y’know, be careful who you are pretentious too. :*

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Yes Vahnati, we get it, you do it all the time.
I think you more than anyone should know that I already made a mistake in trusting someone before, which I wont commit again :slight_smile: you don’t have to remind me about it.
And anyway, just because you are like that doesnt mean everyone is :smiley:

tips fedora.

teleports behind you




I need to buy a new fedora because my brain has expanded with so much rationalism and skepticism that my old collection no longer fits.


i need a new fedora because my brain expanded with all my respect for women


Drops smokebomb, incendiary bomb, leaves on the wind, jagged step, chakra thrust, proceed to main ninja combo.

Don’t teleport behind a ninja, man. It’s a bad idea if that smoke bomb is off CD

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