E5 Era 69 Fun Fun


To commemorate the special-ness of era 69 :wink: ;), disscuss what’s going on during the era in here. So far it looks like Theodonia wants to get the win again, but who knows what will happen :slight_smile: .


Subs on solo… :disappointed_relieved:


You playing again this round sushi :stuck_out_tongue: ? Sorry again about your relic last time :slight_smile:


im debating whether to plant and kill noobs or not =.=


Go for it


E5 Era 69 69 Fun Fun must end the use of created alliances. Solo must mean no alliances are able to be created in order to do away with multiple subs. It would be nice to log in and not see anyone with created alliances or their affiliates. Fog of War.


Tags dont mean anything…If they want to be subs they can just make some random TAG and still they will be subs xD

So unless you see them helping Theo farm or suicide attack for him, you cant accuse them of being a sub…Plus i believe Theo is the only real solo player who sticks by the rule, unlike others who pay reds to ppl to help them and suicide on relics for them


you just saw theo has subs…
and then you said theo sticks to solo rules… :astonished:
soooooooooooooooooooooooo … did the meaning of solo change to sub empire?


I said Theo didnt have subs

They could just be allies…


Theres a bit of a difference between allies and subs on solo. I can safely say that Theo’s ‘allies’ as you call it are indeed subs.


So if they Didnot have similar tags, would you not call them subs?


No. It depends on their intent. If their sole intent is to aid Theo, they’re subs. If they have planted as equal allies, then they are allies. But I bet you Theo will get all the mines, all the conquers, all the spoils, and ofc he is the only one in the group red boosting. You wouldn’t red boost if you weren’t a sub.

Also, placement. You don’t plant on top of each other if you intend to just be allies in solo. If you do that then you plant across a continent, with the purpose of controlling that continent. And each member gets a set amount of mines in that continent, so that you all remain competitive and get extra resources.


What if the Allies just want to watch the era?

Cant someone just watch their friends play??i dont think all watchers need to be ‘subs’


@Merciful I bet you’re one of the subs aren’t you


Im not a sub, but i am watching the era…maybe ill Even go for top 50 if i am able to be active


True JW means that you literally, just watch. If you are ‘JW’ but help your friend at the drop of the hat, then sorry, you’re a sub.


That was my point…So you cant accuse someone of having a sub empire so early on the era…You dont know if they are actually sub or just friends who are wataching


Watching friends…“suiciders” tsk tsk


Theo always uses subs, lmfao?


He just lets his friends plant near him and build…I have never seen an era he played where he asks his “sub” to fight in his war , give up crystals ,or suicide on relics for him.pls correct me if i am wrong

I always see him fighting on his own…The only Person i have seen helping him is PLO. They are good allys