E5 - colony/op farming


Admins should look at this… This is so visible why can’t the admin Fucking ban the guy who gets benefits from the farms too?
So unfair who don’t want to do this

These images are only a few of the farms :rage: :rage: :rage:


As far as i know they dont get any resources from banned conquers. Unless that was changed. Now if they all popped crystals and were taken by the player by them, that might be a problem. But then again, its a Joe world. So you cant expect any justice anytime soon.


The guy making the farms have been banned, it was rank 10 or so at the time player in Aa

We did not gain anything from the colonies as banned colonies do not give ressurses, the ops we where not allowed to raze the admin deleted them giving us no ressurses from them.

And while it didnt happend to me some of the multies in africa spammed, so i wont rly say ppl gained anything from this.

Admin also quickly locked the server so no new multies got made.
I know that i for once got 4 ticks worth of 15 conqs exstra income from this shit, and in the big pic i dont think that amount to much.

Also dont make baseless assumptions saying we did this, if anything this looked like someone wanted us to get banned.
If we where to make multies you think we dumb enough to make them all next to our own bases?


Its rather hypocritical of Mandark, who was playing with cheaters and got banned for cheating while playing with that same team before, thats currently playing e5 (eMo and her fanbase), to be making posts like this.


I do agree with him on one thing though. Cheaters should get banned.


A small amount of res were gained by the colonies before they were banned.