E4 Factions event


However you feel about him is up to you… I think many (me included) would love for it to have went differently.

But as Josh said, everyone has a perspective. Aim to understand it and work with it.

You’re two polar opposites, I respect you both greatly and I think (I haven’t spoken him yet) I understand both of your positions too, both of you want this game to do well.

In the end I can not force you to understand each other, nor can I force anyone to see each others perspective, but I would truly appreciate if we could work and be constructive and figure out how to improve the game. Aiming fingers will help no one – especially not at someone who also volunteers to mentor and help, in his own way.

I have great respect and love for both of you for that same reason.


so much hate :smiley:

btw what are people upset over??
was it the fact that psi’s diplo saved BAR from PLO’s hand early era ?

or was it that you just like to see raining salt?:wink:


idk E lemme see maybe half the team getting kicked as soon as we war LAN?

Mhmm maybe?


Assuming this was my 1st 2nd or lets say 4th era on BD, what did I learn from this era?

Sit on your ass & recruit, when garrisons & relics come out quicky move your army out from the base & capture them. If we see that our opponent has almost double the power (ICEMAND & SEAWEED) we do not fight them. We will simply pass on the relics & take 2nd spot & the free blues. But but, if some one from our alliance doesnt agree on this(Milan) simply kick him out of the alliance.

Wow @Alexander & psi, You all teaching great things to coming generations of BD. I see the future of AANC very bright.


Lol ikr ur trolling <.


When it came to PLO, it wasn’t diplo at all :\ He rushed troops to fight him and i gotta give him credit for that. Just this LAN thing was completely uncalled for and scummy.


I think they learned a lot about he game itself and made a lot of new friends. :slight_smile:

Felipe has volunteered to train many over the years by the way. Not sure how I got involved :stuck_out_tongue:

I won’t allow a witch hunt on this forum. That’s all. :slight_smile:

I respectfully disagree with what happened here, but I still love everyone involved (yes everyone) for doing what they think was right, even if I don’t agree with it.

That’s the point right? Read the forum guidelines folks. Fight arguments and not humans. We all got the best for the game in mind, even if some of us may not understand what others of us are thinking :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I do think they have. That’s what I’m afraid of.


Alex what he did is clearly against the rules


doing something without ur leaders consent because u decided to pick milan over him then being mad cuz u got kicked isnt really a good ground for debate
he kicked because they were going to a pointeless war without his consent


This is what I observed by investing 12+ hrs day. What you saying of interacting and all nothing of that happened I very well explained in my previous ans why it didn’t happen.

The interaction thing did happen but not among noobs but among Pros & semi pros. I (semi pro) interacted with Milan, Traj (pros) others.
In my ans I wrote players playing 1st 2nd or 4th era.


We didn’t pick Milan you pretentious nugget, he led the era WHILE you were with us and after you quit. Don’t turn your back on your team so easily just because ur pals are battlehuggers, and to think I respected you.


Its battlehug from the start and i didnt saw anyone crying till now…


i never gave my back to my team i would have joined with seantus vs LAN a 100% but diffrence is when i see psis point of view i understood where he came from diffrence between me and you my brain isnt filled with hate currently
if people wnna hate me or think i am stabbing BAR in anyways be my guest i am the only neutral point of view who is saying both parties at fault stop trying to blame it on psi this could have been avoided long ago by psi but you guys while your leader disagreeing with what your doing you did it anyways
milan lead the era though? we must be talking about diffrent era what deals did milan cut while i was in the era?who did he give orders too? yup must be diffrent era
milan was the biggest leader in asia front thanks to him we killed a lot trajic was the leader of africa front thanks to him we held out and didnt lose africa
PSI was the leader of the team
cool off m8


Let me please explain …

You pints have no idea the amount of hard work and time this event took to organize and turn it into action!

As for the flaws in this event? Mistakes happen!
This era was JUST a stepping stone for the new age of bd

The way this era worked( 4 giant teams, rewards based on individual ranks etc ) turned this into this
on top of that now this BAR issue( was just a civil war lol)
Why do you people act like this was a the first time a team got disbanded out of internal chaos?!
I’m 100% sure there were other alternative ways to end the argument between BAR’s actives and their leader.( but i cant judge either coz im no longer part of the era)

Ffs just thank the admins for such a lively event finnaly in months!! nobody would say otherwise!

hats off to @Malicewolf @Alexander @Theo


Not really FIRE and STRK were red for us , LAN was blue but our relationship was never fully stated and for how long.


Different people have different styles. Personally I kill everyone when I play unless they do what I say or I can’t (but can still win without doing so).

You kill everyone too.

Battle Dawn is a game for many more kinds of people though. We should encourage competition more – structurally. No player is responsible for the lack of it on some eras. If anyone is responsible for that, it would be me and solely me.


I was there at the beginning for all factions. He at least got the ball rolling. Every leader had different methods for trying to organize things. Some relied much more heavily on others to step up. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. And I can say, if you think PSI was inactive… I would hate for you to have seen some other perspectives. The biggest difference here however was the result. Once again, I’m not saying I support how he handled it. But nor will I tell everyone to get their pitchforks. I don’t agree with how it was handled, but it wasn’t something so horrible that we should ban him or kick him from Battledawn altogether. Was it bad for BAR’s morale? Yes. Did it break any official rules? No.

I was a tad naive in some thought processes thinking things like this wouldn’t occur in the first place. My rules were meant to stop leaders from being overruled and thrown out by trolls. But I did say, there was no way to prevent the leader from being outvoted. We’d simply most likely just put them back in power after. But I had also received a message from PSI that he wished to step down. I’m not positive how long the process would have taken as it required work from active players and admin combined, but plans could have also of been stalled.

So I apologize for not making that loud and clear as well. Didn’t expect things to blow up how they did. I was just trying to get some sleep T_T


You know what. Even before all this happened, I told josh that his leader selection was poor coz I was not satisfied with psi’s leadership nor his activity. I told josh right infront of psi.I also said during the same time that I don’t doubt skills or knowledge of Psi but activity matters. We had skipwith who present at tick 50 he had boosted which was evident by his score & power. If the leader boosts it encourages other members to do so which psi didn’t.

Even if we would have won & nothing of this would have happened I was going to say the same thing on the forum.


strk and fire were era long allies
so psi allied lan