E4 Factions event


@Alexander simply accept your mistake rather than dodging around.

On the discussion thread of this events, many players stated that they wont be able to play since it is 3 ticker they also said that why dont we keep such events in summers. Even after this the BD team didn’t incorporate any changes.
Talking about psi, I’m not a pro but not a noob either. When i had questions regarding advance warfare & tactics I either asked Milan or Trajic why? Because I saw them active & saw them leading the fronts & not psi.

‘‘With big powers come big responsibilities’’

Psi had the power but he didnt took the responsibility. He might have done some diplo early in the era but that is not it. I ditched my English class to be online at tick 50 when the faction was going to be made.Psi was not even active for many hrs after that. It was the responsibility of the leader to be online at tick 50 coz it was all mess. People in the alliance were spread across entire map it was chaos. It was the job of the leader to be there. Was he there no? If I recall correctly only Sir Skipwith was online & he even made a BC of his responsibility that how punctual he was.

On the other hand it was Milan & trajic who kept the team together. They didnt have power of leader but they still took the responsibility & Milan got a good reward for taking responsibility.

@malicewolf You have my most respect & if there is one player whom I can trust blindly it is you. You have taught me a lot over the years & I appreciate that & I hope our relation doesn’t get bad because of this.


I’m from LAN and I can’t say i’m happy with the outcome.


So fight. Do your own thing. Lead your own teams. :slight_smile:

Fighting is a part of this game, but so is diplomacy. What I personally love about this game, is that there’s many roads to victory. I feel like fighting has become a little too rare, or rather, real diplomacy (we work together now so we can both try to win with a better chance later) has been replaced by sub diplomacy (we work together now so you can win and I get something too) unfortunately.

Sadly, I actually encouraged it this era by accident - the individual rewards without changing the win condition were a mistake. You lose – everything is gone, all your newbs dead… So you either hug and protect your newbs, or lose everything. My bad. Both Josh and I did not expect anyone to lose, or win. We expected people to just fight for 1k ticks. Flaw in the event I fear.

This event was an experiment.


I apologize, I’m certain many of you don’t like this either. Your leadership seems to be ecstatic, however.


@THENICKRULZ is a good egg


Nah leader isnt allowed to kick players without reason , he broke the rules and shouldnt be allowed to part of another event imo


He had a reason…


he had a pretty good reason lol


Getting big tho 3 alliances fighting. Why u just make it a normal game in E4 :joy:


Helping his friends in LAN isn’t a reason


Friendship Goals at BattleDawn HHAHAHA


People have to be able to play and devote time into it if an experiment is to work right? I’m not saying that what u guys did was half assed or anything, no way.
But I agree with hitmo man. How are u to collect “data” for your “experiment” if it is at a time when “data collection” is limited due to the players time restrictions.


if he didn’t want to war leave the team and he has no more affiliation with the war.

In any case he broke the rules and shouldn’t be allowed a similar role in the future , he wasnt a leader in any respect imo and didnt convey our deals with other teams properly.

It’s not his place to ruin the era for 50 or so active players , both are pathetic for promoting battle hugging in a trial event its not fucking CE and the rewards are tiny. I must say LAN are scummy af expected better from those players rather than going for this scumbag move to win in a game called battle dawn , yes ‘battle’ not suck the other leader’s dick dawn.

Not to mention this sets a real precedent for the newbies and just deters tons from playing when the leader just fucks his team over , the rules over. If he doesn’t want to play with the team then fucking leave and go play a solo game. He should have stated our relationship with LAN and put it to a vote , if the team wanted to fight then so be it he can leave and have nothing to do with it.


@Malicewolf 2 questions.

1)As the organizer of the event, what is your take or your 2 cents.

  1. If you were in Milan’s shoes what would you have done? As i earlier said on skype, the malice ik is a battlewhore & not a battlehugger. He will fight war any day any time.

And regarding changing leaders by voting.

This is what you said. How do expect team of 80 inactives to overthow psi.

I’ll need to waste another 4-5 hrs but I can show you ingame msg ( if they are not deleted) or skype msges where players who hadn’t read the rules in our alliance said that lets change the leader. We had to explain them that no matter what leaders are fixed.


We weren’t sure what we were looking for really. We figured players could have some fun and we’d see what we learned.

I think it did teach us a lot :slight_smile:


Well, things sure got heated quickly. Now, to address some things stated.

I was the one and ONLY person who picked the 4 faction leaders. Do not put the blame for the leaders on the admins. It was me and me alone. You can berate me all you like for my choices, but the only response you will hear from me on that front is that if you didn’t like it, you should of stepped up. Whether or not I ASKED you (sorry folks, I DO NOT know all of you) you could have also offered to help me. However, I solo organized this event. I got a LOT of help from Admin Tom and Alex in preparation to DO the event. They have done their best to help from the background where possible WHILE being as NEUTRAL as possible.

I have been asked COUNTLESS times to make “exceptions” or to “change” rules mid-era. While I would have loved to do this in some cases, I will 100% agree with the admin’s that it causes too much lash back. Admin’s rules on era should be trusted to be fulfilled, regardless if an era turns sour. As much as we wish we could do tweaks to change how an era play’s out to make it more fun for ALL, the thing all must remember is, every team is doing what they can to win as EASILY as possible. Whether or not you like that is up to your own opinion. I believe you all know mine on the matter, but mine is NOT the only way. The game contains individuals, ALL of whom have their own opinions.

MY HOPE was that none of the teams would ally one another and there would be a 4 way battle at all times. Honestly, this was naivety on my part. Even Milan would have STILL allied with at least one of the teams so he could focus all efforts on eliminating one (you can argue if you like Milan, but I feel even you would of focus fired at one point). The big difference here was that PSI was the one who was ultimately responsible for the actions of his faction. Now, do I wish he had just left on his own, sure! But I will not place 100% blame on him, and I ask that none of you do as well. He will live with his actions and you all can feel free to deal with his of your own accord. But once again, he stepped up to the plate when I asked him to lead a faction. Something I can say MANY turned me down on. Every leader knew that this was going to be a taxing endeavor and MOST turned me down BECAUSE they knew that. Yes, I had hoped a different mindset would take place in all 4 leaders minds as they were now in charge of 100’s, not just 9, but by no means was ANYONE prepared for an era like this. HOW COULD YOU BE? This has NEVER been done before. I 100% understand the frustration BAR members are feeling right now. I am frustrated too seeing how the end result of my event that I basically dedicated ALL of my free time into has failed to such an extent. This is NOT only referring to this recent event, but I have been dealing with critiques for the entirety of this event.

I only ask that BOTH sides please view from the other’s point of view. I know where both sides are coming from to some extent. PSI was not ONLY thinking of the actives, but the in-actives rankings too. The one’s who die in war are NOT the active players. It’s the inactive one’s. This would be true on both sides. Once again, do I wish things were handled differently? Yes, of course I do. But pressure can get to anyone. Especially when the pressure goes from 9 to 120.

So I ask everyone to please not place blame on ANY of the faction leaders. They all did their best. They ALL made mistakes. They ALL have lives outside of BD. I had hoped the admins could be a bit more active to directly handle some things and that was MY fault. Remember, we are asking the admin’s to put EVERYTHING ELSE on hold for OUR whims when something goes unexpected. But they have full time jobs outside of admining. They have people in their lives that they care about and have to take care of as well. PLEASE think of how you live YOUR life at YOUR leisure. Admin’s deserve that right as well. They get called up in the middle of the night ALL THE TIME for your whims.

I got a SMALL taste of the admin’s life during this era as I made sure I was the figure head that people came through. I CHOSE to be the middleman to help ensure things went as smoothly as I could help. And it was challenging to say the VERY LEAST. Hell, I msg’d teams with hope to keep their heads up and cheer them on. I got endless messages about ruining the game and trying to get in people’s way of victory. I try to keep things fun and fair. I get endless messages about favoritism because that team was meant to die a horrible death and have no more fun during the era. I chose to make decisions to try to prevent landslides from occurring with the teams. I get called greedy and trying to steal all of your money for this event.

However, even with all this, I continued to put my efforts in to try to make things as enjoyable as possible for as many as I could. I only ask that you all please try to keep perspective as well. My hopes were that wars would be going all era, but that is also the point of the game in itself and we’ve seen through the long history of BD that there are plenty who prefer diplomacy over war. There are plenty who burn out and decide to go the friendly route instead of the most arduous one.

Whether or not you agree with what PSI did, I ask that you do not put all blame on him. Because honestly, NONE of you fully did what I had hoped with the era. And I didn’t live up to all of your expectations either.

So if anyone has complaints, point them at me. I will gladly accept it as this was my idea. The only thing you can do with something new that goes wrong is LEARN from it and hopefully, improve it if you get the chance. But if you’re going to be at the forefront bitchin’ and complaining, then I better see you the next time an event comes up looking to help. Because those doing so already DON’T HAVE TO (this is directed at those complaining at the event itself).

I will be opening a topic within the next day or so to get your feedback and suggestions on the event. We already know there were many issues and we clearly stated BEFORE the era started that this was an experimental new event that had never been done before. We expected issues to arise. That is why Alex made the era only 2 weeks long. That fact also lead to a series of events that lead to rushed decisions, but overall, I agree with his decision to keep this short. Luckily, his foresight means this is ending within a few days instead of going for an additional month. So please keep that in mind as well.

Whether or not you agree with Alex, he ALWAYS has the best interest of BD in his mind. He is ALWAYS looking for how he can improve the game. How to reduce burnout, increase retention, increase competition. If you all think it’s an easy accomplishment, then I’d like to see you putting in a quarter of the effort he does on the daily.

It’s easy to complain about the issues. It’s hard to make change that will benefit. Please keep this in mind.


Would have taught u more if there were ppl (more newbies than pros ) playing, a majority of which had a life (not saying u guys dont, but in a way this is ur life, a lil of it anyway… idk…) so yeah, they were just starting and hence naturally like how anyone would devote as little time as possible to a new game, did the same.


Would double like this if i could.


I was hoping for that too, if it was like that it would have been fun


The expected wall of text has arrived! :smiley: At least there is one staff member on this entire game we can count on :wink:

Either way Josh, I don’t think Psi should be let off the hook so easily. Yes, he stepped up to be leader and to take on those responsibilities. But what that also entails is then, after having said yes, actually partaking in the event. Stepping up to me would not be saying yes, I could have said yes easily. The reason I said no was that I did not think I could play actively and I would therefore not be able to do my leader job properly, which was to help any and all players on this event and to coordinate the alliance.

So yes, people stepped up for this era. I however don’t think that in this case it was Psi (granted, I mean after the first 300 ticks or so). I think the ones that stepped up were the ones in our alliance that despite not having the leader tag still took it upon themselves to organise the alliance and to make sure this era didn’t become simply a game of sitting and building. They stepped up to the plate, not the guy who thought he could do it and then ruined the event for an entire aliance. That’s not stepping up, that’s selfish.