E4 Factions event


@Alexander I totally agree that @PSI is one of the oldest most experienced player out here. No doubt. But problem is we are playing a 3 tick server. You understand right? A 3 tick server where along with exp, reputation ACTIVITY plays a very very major role which he lacked. It is totally a mistake of @malicewolf or who ever chose the leaders only on the basis of exp & reputation & not activity.

To be honest this era was pathetically timed & was rushed, God knows why.

The objective of the era was that noobs should interact with pros, learn from them, participate in war & learn new tactics. Speaking from what I observed by playing in BAR & by investing 12+ hrs in this era is that nothing of that happened.
If you list the members who actually fought the war you will see that they are pros & semi pros who are playing from 3+ years. What noobs did this era was simple. Login in the game. take daily bonus, ask the active ones (pros & semi pros) if we need jam/ss/ion etc & then log off. They did nothing other than this why? Simple. Noobs prefer playing in summers also since they are learning they prefer a 1 or 2 ticker server. But what has our great official team of BD done? They don’t start the era is summers when they can be mostly active plus they keep it a 3 tick server.
This shows how poor & pathetically the era was planned & how poor research was done by organizing team. When I saw that top 50 were going to get reward I had hunch that this won’t go well.


I said it many times everyone had a good reason for what they did its just noobs who dont stop crying about it


Except he really isn’t?

He sided with PSI hard on the forums when PSI really was in the wrong here, and then when we tell him off for it he tries to back up and say we’re just “harassing a player”


Criticism is fine. But I will not accept blaming Josh here, Josh did his best to organize things, for free, for everyones enjoyment.

Trying to do something good for the game, no matter the result should always be met with a thank you.

Thank you Josh for your terrific suggestion and your hard work finding good players to make it happen.

And thank you everyone who taught newbies, took responsibility, and did whatever they think is right.


He isnt def anyone its how things are, not everyone want to stab for win or fun or any other reason


I agree with this tho, thank you so much @Malicewolf, this era was a blast until people made it unfun


All of us ruined all things not all of them. We destroy and trash now what we worked for it.


Again folks, I couldn’t care less about the decision itself, everyone would have done something else, me included.

I will however not have people insulted and bashed and attacked in this topic simply for doing whatever they think was best.

Maybe you disagree, sure. Fine. Can we please calm down a bit and strife to understand each others viewpoints (I did my best to explain Felipe’s, or what I suspect his is anyway…) and accept that different people simply have different values?


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Agree with u guys on that


Uh 2 things I wanna mention just randomly

  1. #kickcarter happened :\\ wowza
  2. Stark’s post on how the admins mistreated this era was shadowremoved. Just throwing that out there.


Id love it if my posts werent deleted



You’re right that everybody is different but as well as their game plans and our own rules, we cant control it. In this case, BAR will falling down because of this problem. This will be a big issue and a mistake on a game that everybody wants to win just to get BLUES and be a famous person on BattleDawn


thats not a word[quote=“hariscapo, post:50, topic:553, full:true”]
100% true. Both BAR and FIRE leaders wanted to make Rania happy so much that they fought each other to death and let LAN get an easy win… Hell even kicked their own members.(both FIRE and BAR)

FIRE kicked noobs that spammed and tried to start a war and players that locked down their own alliancemates. your little happy squad of rebels.

you werent playing this game for a long while until you were asked by Alex to check out the new event. of course you’ve never heard of him. you dont play. you just showed up to create chaos

that was closer to the beginning when you wanted to 3v1 us.

thank you

havent come across any actually new players. it would make sense to run this event in junction with a promotion for the game, to actually get newbs to play the game. this is the first time they are trying out factions event. its testing. they are seeing what works and what doesnt.

ok but wheres a member in LAN?


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We care more about these newbs than anyone else.

Spies arent against the rules, but the leaders agreed together to stop using them to improve the event. Shame to hear this wasn’t followed.

I don’t ask for anyone to agree with anyone – It’s a huge shame what happened here for everyone. But we need to de-escalate here, we all love the game right?

So stop attacking specific players, finding people to blame.

This isn’t Josh fault, this isn’t Felipe’s fault. If anything it’s my fault for not disabling or at least attaching a price to the kicking option. I am not perfect – I did not see this coming. I gave them a choice they shouldn’t have had.

I didn’t expect this to happen, sorry :worried:

But please no scapegoating.


All of then r just enjoying this free era to them.
They r just siding with psi and such by saying his words are golden, like just wow…


Pretty sure the point is we all love the game as long as it’s about fighting (that which the game used to be about) and we love it a lot less when we see the literal boss of the game nowadays defending atrocious behavior that makes a lot of active, skilled players that like to fight quit.


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Alex our leader as inactive and made no efforts to prevent us from using spies. We weren’t even aware that the leaders agreed to stop using them. I’m talking about Psi again. The guy was a very poor choice to lead one of these teams.


Psi took it upon himself to decide what the alliance wanted, even though what the alliance really wanted was to war LAN, even backstabbing them because otherwise, what chance would we have to beat players who sat and built all era without a real war?

Psi’s job as leader in an era such as this was to communicate and get people on board with things, not just make his choice and run with it even when the rest of the alliance didn’t want it.

I would wager that almost none of the kicked players or those that left because of it had spoken to our leader in some time. I know I hadn’t and I’ll guess by the reaction to what happened neither did anyone else.

Besides all this, it’s hilarious how happy LAN are with this. Why bother actually playing an era when you can just peace anyone who’s a threat. LAN members are patting themselves on the back, even though they didn’t even actually play BD for an era.