E4 Factions event


this was advertised from even before tick one as a fun a event not a serious event


Yes you might not care about players, I might not care about players, but Alex here needs to care, he is here running a business for Mr. Rosen. Its his duty & responsibility to look in best interest of everyone since he needs to make bucks.If that doesn’t happen then Tacticsoft will need to close their shutters.

As usual you are taking nothing more than BS
I really feel pity for you that you don’t enjoy the eras if they got wars & if its a serious one. I & almost everyone here plays for fun, no plays this game to get into depression.

Josh I got only one thing for you. Is there a single thing which was done correctly this era?

As I said earlier if your intention was to teach noobs who play mostly in summers then how did you plan to start before the summers? Also it was mentioned my many players on your thread how good it would have been if the event was in summers.

3 tick huh? Really a 3 ticker? You intend to teach noobs on a fast packed server wherein you say vets would play casually & be inactive, then who the hell is going to teach the noobs?

Choosing to play on a 3 tick server with a leader who can’t even be active? (Sir skipwith an exception)

As I said before this actually shows or I should say exposes how pathetically & poorly the era was planned without even thinking the mindsets of pros how hard are they willing to push this era.

Don’t give the excuse saying this was a Test era or something or experiment I should say.
When people are telling you clearly even before the era started where you all are going wrong still you turned a blind eye to them.

Like if SpaceX is launching Falcon xxx & it has an escape velocity of 500 Kmph but NASA actually tried correcting them that it actually need an escape velocity of 600 Kmph or it will crash in any hyperbolic path even before it leaves Earth’s atmosphere. But Elon Musk says naah screw it, it is a TEST launch we don’t care if it crashes.

People told you they won’t be able to handle an era before summers, they told you they won’t be able to handle a 3 tick still you all did the same.

Many players asked if there will be special medals? What does that mean or what does it indicate? It indicates Players are going to take this dam seriously.
I think I’ll post 2nd half of my ans on your feedback thread.

I think I’m done with this thread. As alex said better we get of this thread before any new player finds it which discourages him.


Dude get over it. It was a garbage era, I lost interest by the time I got into it myself but whatever it’s completely over and nothing will be improved by complaining.


Hitmo I repeat again, no one (me included) is saying it wasn’t a serious era in effect, it was. We just hadn’t expected that.

That’s all. I think everyone involved sympathizes for what happened, in the end we wanted everyone to have fun, and having it spoiled for some players was a total let down.

Not what Josh wanted to see either… but that’s the risk with an event like this. It was planned (and promoted) for new players from the very very first stripe of text and unfortunately if someone saw these issues coming, they did not reach us at all :frowning:

Except the tick thing – please do bring that up in Feedback. I think (and heard) people really liked the tick speed actually, but I can’t exactly play myself so rely on hearsay.

…There’s actually less new players in the summer usually, just more young players.

is the right thread for feedback by the way. :slight_smile: It’s very very welcome there – please do keep it on topic. The question there is if we should run it again, and if so how. :wink:


Hitmo. Buddy. Slow down. From the get go, we said this was an experimental era that was very different from the norm and expected issues. We LITERALLY said there would be issues. We knew things wouldn’t go exactly as planned. We just didn’t know what those issues might be (we can’t think of everything, we’re not THAT good).

And I’m VERY glad I didn’t do this in Summertime if it meant more people. As stated, things went awry. Imagine if more newbies were exposed to this era with all it’s issues? Now, we have completed a test era and have great feedback on what worked, what didn’t, and what we can fix/change for a possible similar event in the future, perhaps even summer.

We are NOT rocket scientists with lives on the line. Nor do I ever expect to put my expectations that high. This was experimental, we stated it was new and different and people came to play knowing this. They choose to take it as seriously as they wanted. We simply didn’t expect them to go full throttle spending $100’s for an experimental era. Not saying we didn’t expect the vet’s to try. Just not go ALL out and pulling all the strings they could, as they did. However, the ONLY person who mentioned they wanted the event in summer instead was you hitmo. Not joking. Not a single other person said a single word to me about the timing aside from the occasional, “aw, I don’t think I have time right now”. But convenience for a few doesn’t mean it’s inconvenient for everyone. There will NEVER be a time that’s good for EVERYONE on BD. It is what it is.

As for leaders. I DID reach out to the people whom you wanted to see in power. They all turned me down. If you have an issue with that, feel free to talk to them. The other’s who showed up I did not even know were coming back to BD. This event brought MANY out of retirement that we didn’t expect to see. Which in itself, was GREAT to see.
Feel free to tell me whom you would have chosen for leaders instead though. I’ll bet you I asked a majority of the list of people you’ll give me.

And as for this part [quote=“Hitmo, post:354, topic:553”]
Don’t give the excuse saying this was a Test era or something or experiment I should say. When people are telling you clearly even before the era started where you all are going wrong still you turned a blind eye to them.

Please feel free to find those and send them my way. I can assure you, my eyes were GLUED to the screen on the forum topics associated with my Factions Event. There was not a bunch of people telling me things were wrong. In fact, the things most asked for were either implemented or not for good reason.

People asked if special medals would be rewarded. The answer was a clear no and we TOLD people it was because the event was untested. Also why we kept tick limit to 1000. The individual reward was a fault on my part seeing as people went against the initial idea behind the event in the first place (free for all war between 4 teams. Not 1v1 and 1v1). People said teams MUST be randomized. That was answered and majority liked that. People wished for a 2 ticker, yes, but that was removed for a specific reason, which I do agree with. Keep the era short and sweet incase issue’s come up, it doesn’t get dragged on. I still fully standby the decision to have it a 3 ticker for 1000 ticks. Although LAN and BAR were having a grand time, FIRE and STRK after being defeated were not. Especially STRK who got bombarded by nukes for nearly 500 ticks. Just because something wasn’t in favor of YOUR liking does not mean it wasn’t in the best interest of all. Many in LAN and BAR wanted an extension to the event era, but do you think that would be fair to the 200 players in STRK and FIRE who’s fight had ended?

As I’ve said many times. If you wish to complain and bitch about my event that I spent countless hours and days of my own time working out and organizing, feel free to step up and do something yourself. I’ll be happy to see you do better. Just remember, you can’t expect the unexpected. Simple as that. Things will ALWAYS go wrong.


why take this personally hitmo lol
Since when do i not play for wars? you ever played with me? i dont think so all i know about you is your tk enough said about how tk fight there wars

I think malice wanted to make a community event the moment it started on new forums and they probably thought this wont be the last one thats why they didnt make it a summer special event. Who said new players didn’t learn i am pretty sure i seen some decent newbs in there.

They wanted to make it a fast era and malice CLEARLY said its a 2 week era if its a 2 ticker would have been less max ticks 750 ticks i think and na 3 ticks is really good because that just means if people are semi active they can be usefull people who can be on for 8 hours thats 24 ticks in 3 tickers you can do a lot in that

Malice went through a LOT of leaders they all rejected if you knew a better leader who would have accepted should have asked him to apply

the era was a 2 week era because it was an experment they didnt think the community was a bunch of butt hurts who are gonna get salty over a for fun era that is made 2 weeks just to see how things will turn out but i guess thats bd noobs for u :slight_smile:


Care about what? about some salty players that can’t get over the fact it was a non-serious era? Sure he cares, but he doesn’t have to lie about the intention, now pipe down and if you have criticism save it for the other thread that’s meant for it.


Look at it more objectively. I’m pissed too but Josh ain’t the one to blame here. Nobody knew that PSI and Leo would do such stupid things. And while I agree with Milan that there should be some form of punishment, shittalking Josh ain’t gonna get you nowhere.


BD has an unfailing ability to destroy the players that put their lot of time and money in this game.


Josh, I did not read your entire answer same for youssefkh. Just read starting’1-2 paragraphs. I don’t really see point in extending this thread anymore more I’m bored & tired. As that guy GenerationKill said just get over it i’m doing the same now.

Read Zealot’s full answer since it was small one :joy:

After reading his answer I’ll only say I’m not shittalking about you nor do I want to.

I think this is the first time we have different opinions & views or else most of the time I agree to whatever you say & I give my full support to it. Taking an example. Just a few days back you me & yoz were talking about the old eras including that swft era on m1. Just to refresh old memories I decided to visit the old forum & have a look at that thread. As I said I always publicly exten all my support to you here is what I wrote in the last.

& this was your ans.

And hitmo - Neither Sayan nor myself are leading SwFt on M1. Both of us are simply soldiers on M1 following orders. And thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it.[/quote]

I already said this before & I’m again saying it. I thank you from bottom of my heart for organizing this event. I & we all appreciate your efforts time & money you put in for this era.

Youssefkh man I stopped reading your answer the moment you dragged TK into this for no reason. Tell me one thing, how many eras did you see me in action with TK?
The controversy surrounding TK is about the use of subs, how is this even relevant to this era?

I’m not taking things personally nor did I play with you before this event. The conclusion I drew was from your statement that this era was a fun era & not a serious era. This itself tells that for you fun era & serious era are two different categories . Hence I said for you there is no fun on a serious era.
I never made any vague assumption. Whatever I said was from the your own statement.

I don’t think I’ll be continuing debating on this thread any further. At the end I hope I have not developed hard feelings with anyone


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