E4 Factions event


ayyyyyyy @Jazz appreciates that


You suck you keep getting fed


Its not everyday that I get to play with players like Senatus Trajic Kong etc. Its also not everyday that I get to fight against players like you, ICEMAN, Geen, Rania etc. So I wanted to make the most out of this golden opportunity. But unfortunately things didn’t go that way.

Anyway I hope in future I get to play with & against these players.


Didn’t see that one coming :smiley:


I’ll never tire of the pranks we play on one another :laughing:


I hate all of you >_>


For those of you who missed it, for a good 20 minutes we had Carter under the impression that LAN had completely disbanded. Shame he had to log in eventually to see it, we were hoping he would do more forum posts and make a fool out of himself before he caught on :smiley:


Stop embarrassing me Milan :pensive:

I was in class I couldn’t log :((


Wasn’t it LAN that attacked BAR first this time? Pretty sure I saw Ice launch the first set of attacks.


BAR sent at the same relic we sent at, but 2 ticks after.


so, techincally they attacked us by attacking somethign neutral that we ended up taking first. and ICEMAN doesnt backstab


I dont think it would take a genius to have predicted that the LAN and BAR alliance was going to deteriorate into war again


honestly, everyone backstabs. It’s really how you spin things :slight_smile:
And the victor always tells the truth :wink:

I consider that I have never backstabbed in my BD career, however other’s will say otherwise. But I am very precise on my wording with any and all deals I make. If you break anything within our agreement, I will consider it invalid.


We got some things unsettled, but… now we got the chance to get even ! ! !


not one, not two, but three exclaimation points.

I think you had better calm down before you get yourself all in a fluster hon


I feel like you guys weren’t informed, because a deal was made that relics would be split 5/5 and that the res OPs you took in Asia (and part of Africa) were ours.


africa relic was not in deal was up in the air. so if you all want talk just make sure facts are right. and yes we were working on resource ops and how to split them.

none of it matters now. on my team there was to much distrust. my team really did not want to deal and that lead to this little war.


What’s a dude gotta do to get a fight around here? Sheesh


well we had it then lost it and had it again and well I don’t know anymore


Max, let’s form our own alliance and go fight IRON. I’m beyond bored.