E4 Factions event


impossible to outvote with the number of inactives. Also I would like to point out that you keep saying Milan manipulated us into attacking LAN.

There were many people that have wanted to fight LAN for hundreds of ticks. Before Milan ever mentioned fighting LAN. In fact I’d say most of the 20 people were wanting a war with them before Milan ever brought it up to us. Milan only brought up the war with a small group of people initially because he didn’t want the word to get out. Milan just happened to be the one that brought it up with psi. So stop trying to make Milan the bad guy.

It’s like you are praising Psi for not backstabbing LAN but then he backstabbed his own team and you’re fine with it. If you’re against the backstab with LAN you should also be against Psi/Leo’s backstab by kicking all the actives in their team.


Haha again beating around the bush & ik that those 2 are 2 diff players.
Just ans my 1 questions

Why didn’t psi warn others that what milan is doing is against his wish & he has the power to kick members who refused to disobey his order.

In this way no member would have sided milan & milan would have had no option but to drop the idea of attacking lan.


na he didnt backstab his own team and i was one of the people asking PSI to war lan but i am sure ashell wasnt gonna attack LAN without the orange flag agreeing then crying that he kicked me afterwards get your facts straight matt you can ask psi or ask me on skype for my chat logs with PSI i wanted to war them as much or even more than any1 before
i am not painting milan the bad guy they were both at fault milan shouldnt have done this and expected it to go other wise if he didnt PSI on board


cuz milan knew it was against his wishes milan threatened psi he will attack anyways and MILAN <------ got kicked hope u understand that much hitmo


gonna try to retype this briefly. This has nothing to do with the bar incident its just so the admin doesnt think this is a failure of an event based on BAR alone. to me, a noob unlike most people who consider themselves good on this thread im telling u from the correct point of view that this event was nothing but a success for the players who made an effort to play. This event taught me how to be a great player and how to war properly and even made me get reds from PLO when he needed ions. this event made alot of us much better players but it was costly as for me to be important in the war instead of a burden i had to be on 14 hours a day on weekends and 8 hours on week days consider that im a student who was going through exam week but still i was looking forward to the event and put my time into it also consider that other players weren’t able to give as much time as i did to the era so they weren’t able to be of much use in the war and that results in them being in an extraordinary war while being inactive and inexperienced causing them to die quickly and resolve to what they always did in other era build slowly in the hive while others fought, till something that doesnt fight back like a garrison or a relic came into view so dont blame the admins for some noobs not becoming “great” players like urself and others when in FIRE and maybe in LAN and STRK the players of the alliance were able to sustain what the aim of the era was which is teach new players how to play (which has gone out of view) and become useful in war and learning how to kill instead of building for the whole era while also fighting actively on the front line BAR may have failed in that issue of teaching players how to fight but trust me out of the 20 players who were fighting in the start of the war for FIRE atleast half were noobs trying to help and learn but the war was simply too much for us so if u werent active u would simply be picked out but even though the pros in FIRE had handicaps at their hands they were able to fight and sustain a battle for 700 ticks and theyre still fighting but after the war is lost u cant blame the noobs for not trying when our whole alliance is inactive due to their loss of hope at getting a top 50 while other had a very different goal which is becoming better and learning how to enjoy the game instead of having senatus conquer the whole era for a BOAT like he occasionally does.


OMG you guys still at it dont you guys tire


this is battle dawn a game for players who dont know the exictense of the sun


You are talking nothing more than BS.

If he would have sent a mass that if anyone attacks LAN with Milan he will get kicked.This one simple message would have stalled Milan’s entire plan to attack LAN. Then no matter what no one would have attacked LAN.

Let me tell you one thing. I wanted to war LAN even before Milan told us. I even said in the group chat that I wanted to fight @princekael2 badly. So your argument of milan manipulating us is baseless.


This page has become an advertising content of natural persons, but it does not matter. While the subject is being approached to clarify the burning heads.
The story is clear if you rely on the coherence of the facts, not the sayings.
There are people who speak here to wash the brains of others who know nothing, these people are initiators of the problem itself.
I say bravo to LAN who knew how to trick the right people, and it is well acceptable because it is part of the game.

The event was truly perfect, well thought out and planned, with novelty and in addition zero error on his part for now: an effort that can be applauded. And we’ve already dropped our hats to Josh.

“Events like these must not disappear, as one of the current administrators has dared to say, cause they generate amusement.”

Do not worry because another event happened that was awesome but was ruined in the end even though the round had some winners: it was on the server ES, players against BD STAFF having powerful units that finished By banishing two players from the winning team who have never cheated.

As in any activity, which says novelty, says new rules, says constraints that generate faults and which show faults, said modification to do. Because only God can predict what will happen.

The attack on LAN was necessary, logical and justified internally. And it was not backstabbing for particular reasons, not worth mentioning them at this late hour. And if you are against the decision of this war that generated all this using the pretext of learning new ones named newbies, we can counter this newbies pretexte by this newbi quoting "one of the great lessons of war is the beginning of it itself . "- Y


Besides the obvious sarcasm in most of your post, I respect the opinion and agree with many parts of it. I think most in the administration have also agreed to most of the complaints but it was again an attempt. There were positive effects highlighted by some players who have probably never posted before. Many players finally had a chance to play with such a large part of the community they may have otherwise never had the chance to. Both sides are valid in their arguments. But that being said, lets not ruin this breath of air into Battle Dawn after so many years of stagnancy.

Admin Alex has been spending countless hours of his life outside of his actual commitments to bring improvements to the game. Mistakes have always been a part of progress. Let that not hinder the progression we have all so loudly claimed we wanted for what has been a better part of a decade now.


It was everybody mistakes. Why you guys break the rules in a single famous game play ever? Battle Dawn is for everyone, backstabbers, traitor, family, friends, etc. You cant win a fight that you don’t ever betray a single player in a game. Such a newbs :expressionless:


@mist These are players this event was trying to reach and I am glad we did. some times these things get lost.

For the rest please don’t lose sight that players like Mist are the ones this was for!

rest of event was mess let try to make next one better bashing every one does nothing for the game… lets work at ways of fixing this for more rounds like this, what could be done better.

I say 3 leader flags and all 3 have to agree to kick players 1 leader preround and 2 more as round is played

Mist some of what we do is to protect our units you never know what era holds.

Mad Max


I’m just going to say that this felt like a CE, but with BattleHugs almost mandatory. I hope the staff learn from this one.


So if we didnt know, Naruto just finished up and as I was re-watching some of my favourite episodes and moments i couldn’t help but notice a few parallels with the current situation.

A coupe detat is planned by members of BAR to kill LAN
However PSI has a secret relationship with LAN
PSI screws over his alliance by kicking them
PSI leaves alliance and is treated as a villain as he betrayed alliance

Now lets have a look at a specific Naruto Plot,
A coupe detat is planned by members of Uchiha clan to kill the Leaf
However Itachi (a member of the uchiha clan) has a secret relationship with the leaf
Itachi screws over his clan by killing them
Itachi leaves the village and is treated as a villian for betraying his clan



Dude why should we make sure all of our plans get passed by a leader when it took him more than 24 hours to sign on just to remove conhor from our team… Conhor was without internet because he was moving yet he was able to sign on somehow and leave before Psi got on. Sorry bro I don’t care if you have the orange flag, if you don’t do any leading then I don’t take orders from you or respect your flag. If I could’ve voted someone else leader I would’ve. I’m pretty sure most of us would’ve but we physically couldn’t due to the alliance size.

Don’t go telling me that I have to follow some guy with an orange flag when most of the active members that I talked to in BAR didn’t think he should have had it anymore… we were literally trapped. You’re saying it was basically a dictatorship since we were unable to vote him out so then we must follow him. Sorry dude i live in America… I’m not about that lifestyle.


I am going to be honest. I have been inactive the past two days but it has been because of my school work. Today I come back and see that my army has been destroy (noob mistake to leave my army in the middle of battle), but the shocking part was to see a message from Psi saying he was leaving and then half of the players said they were leaving. I didn’t know what was happen so I decided to leave too, I regret it. I just asked Hitmo to re-enter me into the alliance chat.

I believe that what Senatus said is totally correct, this era for me was to teach and learn from everyone. Although I will not be as active in the game due to the fact that now it’s pretty hard to come back and get the alliance back I do promise to teach anyone who wants to learn some stuff in the game. I am glad to have played with all of these amazing guys, specially Hitmo who woke me up probably like 10 times at 4am in the morning because he wanted to move and keep expanding. :joy:


It’s always cool to read stuff like that. As a pretty old player from another site I sometimes lose track of the actual new players. Keep playing and don’t battle hug, and you’ll have a blast.


I would have loved to tbh. I would have very much enjoyed fighting this era. You, Milan, Babykong. These types of players I would love fighting. Knowing every move might be my last if I have not thought it through is always exhilarating. I even suggested to Alex to extend the era by 200 ticks, send Milan, Babykong, and a few others who lost armies enough gold/oil/workers to rebuild those armies, and we can reset this at tick 900. There was 300 ticks left anyway, AND we knew of the plan. I even sent milan a (giggle) on skype about 10 minutes before tick 735.

It really is a shame that we are not allowed to do this battle. Yea on paper we look strong, in reality it would have been our top 15 or so vs your 40 people active but with much smaller armies. #60 squads


Thanks for seeing the logistical side of it, Kael. Respect


Nobody acknowledges that we took good care of STRK? Okay …