E4 Factions event


I was off 4 days too lol hoping some1 killed me


2nd gets nothing btw just so you know


solo ranks matter alliance rank is worthless :slight_smile:


Youssef, the first time I ever heard that set tick war mentioned was after we had already started. He never mentioned that to any of us anywhere, ever.

This to me demonstrates why this era has failed.

Also, I don’t mean this as an insult but can you please try and punctuate at least a little bit? If not I’m going to stop responding, because it’s honestly quite tiring to try and read this every time.


ye ik :stuck_out_tongue:


i agree with you there(ranks part) but needs a good alternative giving the whole team rewards wouldnt be good either and yeah follow my grammarless un-punctuated paragraphs must be tiring when they r that long :smiley:


Even with that said, the only chance BAR had at a solid first page showing (minus boosting our ass off) was if we kicked LAN out of the entire Eastern Hemisphere and controlled the territory/mines, as well as gave ourselves a better shot at the last batch of relics. So even taking solo ranking into account, attacking LAN was the only chance most of our members had at a good ranking.


well to be honest if you want people fighting make a era where people get tokens for battles by sending the battle reports to world admins no other blue rewards otherwise :imp:


Firstly nothing was in the back as you say. I’m again saying i had no idea psi was against this. Psi says he was active all era just that he didn’t speak in the chat, his fault that all the players assumed he was inactive & other active members continued to follow orders from milan since everything till then went smoothly.
Now as I read I also come to know that psi was active during that time & could have kicked milan before tick 740. But he waited for the perfect moment when he could ruin the era for 15+ active innocent players.

Stop beating around the bush.Its pretty much clear who is at fault.

It was his mistake that he let go the situation out of his hand to the extend that others thought he was inactive.
It was his mistake that he was not vocal enough to tell other members that he was against this.
It was his mistake for not notifying players that they can face dire consequences if they go against his wish & join milan.


The MOST important part of being a leader is the communications. So please tell me how PSI being active and not chatting is a positive in anyway. lol


Since i my self asked josh he couldnt have kicked milan unless he attacked
its his mistake he want vocal
He kicked milan not the 15 inoccent players u claim
and yeah its psi and milans fault and yours aswell tbh a lot you mentioned only psi and leo were against the idea rest were ok with it so means most of you did know


Read the answers again carefully.

We said we had agreed to the war.(we referring to the active members)

I never said most of us agreed except for leo & psi .

There is a difference between the 2 statements.


recheck psis then :slight_smile:


Now its really becoming worthless talking to you @youssefkh

After exactly telling what was the mistake of psi, you still refuse to accept it.

I just know era is ruined for many players bcoz of leo/psi


feel free to blame it soley on them hitmo u guys did nothing wrong good for u :open_mouth:
yeah sorry if people being selfish ruins there exprience :slight_smile:
psi only kicked milan


ik psi only kicked milan. thats why I said psi/leo

Now you are just being ignorant & not accepting these mistakes committed by psi

If you have something vaild to counter this only then it makes sense that we debate.


thought i did reply to those only agreed with one of them no idea why leo kicked rest of you but leo and psi are not the same person, and tbh he disagreed with milan milan did what he want anyways so yeah pretty sure milan just thought psi wouldnt have the balls to kick but he


It’s significantly worse that he only kicked MIlan. Out of the 20ish members that attacked LAN he chose the 1 guy that he has previously expressed his disdain for quite openly. So basically Psi openly dislikes Milan, proceeds to not lead the team, Milan takes over so we have some form of direction, we follow Milan, he asks us if we want to fight LAN and many of us do, Psi disagrees with the war, people start attacking LAN, and then instead of either leaving the alliance or kicking every members that is attacking bar he only kicks Milan before leaving himself…

He also could’ve just left the team without kicking Milan and it would’ve had exactly the same effect


kick every1 or kick the one guy who did the most trouble and manipulated the team into attacking even though he knew it was against the leaders wishes
i dont think 20 members can dictate that psi needs to leave if it was so should have outvoted him and made milan the leader :slight_smile:


I was a somewhat newer player to this era, not that I haven’t played BD before but I hadn’t interacted with a lot of the community. I was looking forward to fighting some solid wars like I had before when I was being taught the game, coordinated spy attacks and the like. I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice some skills and meet people. Well, that didn’t happen. I was placed in LAN.

Within about 50 ticks of teams, we had an era-long alliance with BAR and an (I think also era-long) alliance with FIRE. So we’re going to fight STRK all era, and BAR will fight FIRE? Great, I think to myself. With alliances this big, there should be fierce competition between us. For the first couple days, it looked promising. There was lots of movement on the front in NA, pushing back and forth. But then our strategy shifted to simply nuking them from a distance. Effective strategy? Sure. Fun, or like a war in normal BD with smaller alliances? I don’t know, but I don’t think so. Lots of their members simply quit after a day or two of that, at least from what my newer perspective saw. While STRK attempted to relocate to Africa and then Europe, we got a lot of ‘kills’ by sending at people who gave up and left their armies to be nuked.

So STRK is now in Europe. Great, I think to myself again. I have an army near there. I’ll go start to fight them. Nope, says leadership. We’re going to build a huge number of nukes and nuke them into submission. It took days and days of that for any of the veterans in my alliance to move their armies in. To give an indication of the level of STRK activity at that time, I took 75% of the OPs in their hive and razed them with almost no resistance.

All in all, I didn’t get the experience I was looking for. However, I recognize that’s partially because there were times that my army was simply not in the right place - like when the fight in NA happened, most of my army was far from there. I attempted to make a TB, but there wasn’t much left to do but clean up people by the time I could make a few squads in NA. I did get some fighting in, lost my army once to a solid lockdown and got some okay kills.

But there were definitely some problems I want to highlight: All the vets in LAN seem to have agreed to this strategy I have highlighted above. I don’t deny that it was effective, probably the most effective for increasing score. But it certainly deprived newer players of many of the experiences which they will need to fight wars - spy placement, attack coordination, et cetera. Furthermore, there was a ridiculous amount of team spying. I asked someone for a BR on some spams which happened in Asia, and instead I got a report from their spy about the number of units in the squads. I heard probably 10 ticks in advance that Senatus was going to attack us, to name a couple of instances. But lastly and most importantly, nobody in LAN wanted to do anything but sit and build and go for relics. It was disgusting. We have like 400 squads worth of units which sit dormant as their players afk, but suddenly magically everyone’s active when Relics/Garrisons are out? I mean come on. I wish people had put fighting and teaching above their own score interests given what the event was about.There is literally someone sitting on rank 15 in this era who has never captured an OP.

Honestly, there were many times when I wished I was in BAR. They seemed to have a good time fighting FIRE all through Asia, and it looked a lot more interesting than clicking nukes onto peoples colonies all game. I was quite excited when they attacked us. I had been hoping we would fight them for a while.

All that said, I want to thank the admins and @Malicewolf for putting so much time and effort into the event. It was really interesting. It may very well be the case that I was simply inactive at the times when some of the major fighting took place, or that I don’t fully comprehend the situation. I don’t lay blame on anyone. But it seems like we’ve spent the past 400 or so ticks nuking STRK in Europe, and not doing much apart from that but snagging relics/garrisons. I hope that this input is helpful in deciding how future events can play out. Again, I am not laying the blame at anyone’s feet here. I fully understand why people chose to act the way they did. They made the choices which seemed best to them, and I do not begrudge them that at all.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to play with many high caliber players, and I certainly picked up some knowledge along the way. Thank you all for that.