E4 Factions event


PSI knew about it yeah, yet he chose not to say anything to us. PSI told us the tick before he kicked Milan that he didn’t like it. You had left the team by now, so don’t act like you know whats up :\


Honestly, I haven’t been active all era due to rl issues. The moment I do get active is the moment people wanna battle hug. This era was meant to be a “last alliance standing” type of era. But people are putting their friendship over how the game is supposed to be played. If you don’t want to war then just watch the era. Simple as that. Real players play the game to have fun (war each other and see who comes out on top) while making friends at the same time. I heard PSI wasn’t even active the past few days so who gave him a right to comeback and start kicking people? Milan was running the alliance at the time so Milan was the primary leader in charge. It’s too bad all these vets had to go and ruin the era. Im embarrassed to call myself a vet after this era.


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tfw you agree with GB on something, what a weird day today has been.


right u just had plans and told people to do it


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i know the start of the story and heard how the end went so i am pretty sure ik more than most whats up since the only people who know the complete story are traj milan and psi
Milan knew psi didnt like it from what i understand milan said long ago (even before i quit) he will attack anyways so yeah i am guessing how it went psi told milan no milan told psi one tick before attacking he is attacking?
u might have known one tick before but im 110% sure milan knew before that he just chose not to share that piece of info


Every player in the alliance is entitled to his or her opinion. Thing is about 80-90 players weren’t even active. There was no point asking or discussing with them. Heck they didn’t even care. Those who fought FIRE with activity should have more say in the alliance compared to one who just logins in to take daily bonus.

Did psi warn us that what milan is doing is against his will? NO he didn’t. Whose fault it is?
We were getting direct orders from trajic & milan for more than 500 ticks we followed them & no issues arose so we continued to do so. The more we discuss the more we find that its psi’s fault for not alarming players that they will face dire consequences if they did anything against his will.


I wasn’t even in BAR and knew when they were attacking so that isn’t quite correct, I gather Psi had plenty of notice about it and did nothing until after they all attacked


That’s great, really great. Before tick 250 you were really active, agreed. Before tick 250 I was really inactive, agreed (just checked my logs and that’s when I started). I don’t think anyone is claiming you were inactive at that point. But honestly, in our alliance’s leader’s chat when we were discussing the LAN war that we were going to do you didn’t speak for 31 hours.

Either way, what this comes down to is the following. You knew we were going to do this in advance. As Matt said, at that point you could have done several things, like kicking me right then and there BEFORE we went to war and reasserting leadership or tell us you were out and we would have taken over official leadership.

What you instead did was both kick me and then leave yourself, leaving BAR entirely rudderless. Well, not entirely rudderless. Leo took over at that point and managed to mess things up even more by kicking all the rest.

Please don’t try to imply I was doing this for my own fame or rank. I’ve said many times I don’t care about my rank, several in the alliance literally offered me their crystals and I refused. This was about our TEAM, the team that deserved to win this era, the team that wanted to have fun rather than sit and build.

How on earth can you possibly conclude this, after all that has transpired. We had activity, we had coordinating. Neither one was thanks to you after tick 300. All we need is motivation and to never give up? What you forgot to add was that you need to not have a selfish official leader and co-leader who can kick everyone to mess up their era. If there is anyone that showed the new and intermediary players how to play the game and how to improve their gameplay it’s been Matt, Trajic and me. Many others, but if you had to name just a few it would be those 3.

Also Youssef, I can appreciate people discussing this intelligently. But honestly all your points aren’t even close to the truth. Psi knew since about 10 hours before the attack, and he had (surprisingly) been on in the meantime. At any time between then and the start of the war he could have done something, but he didn’t. The only reason not everyone in the alliance knew a day in advance is that we had spies and I didn’t want to tell someone that was going to leak it to LAN (well surprise, that happened anyway). I made sure everyone would be on by massing about relics and crystals at that tick, since that tends to motivate everyone to come online.

There really is no use continuing to discuss this, I know that. But Psi, you have made all the wrong choices at the start of this war. There were many ways this could have been done that wouldn’t have messed the game up for so many people, but that would perhaps have gotten you slightly less favor with a group that you seem to have valued above your own alliance on this event. Rather than doing that, you chose a course of action that has completely trashed this event for a very large group of players, and that saddens me more than any loss of my own army or rank ever can.


I think the part of the story we’re ignoring here is that according to Psi, Leo kicked a bulk of the members after Psi kicked Milan and then left. So at that point, Leo kicking members WAS against the rules. Psi was gone so his rules, NAP’s and agreements were null and void. Leo kicked members, as a temporary leader (since Psi left and Milan had the next amount of votes but was kicked), and broke the rules layed out by @Malicewolf

This is all clearly stated in the Faction Event Rules. What are you going to do to fix this Admins/@Alexander?


I 100% agree with Milan.


capo is kind he wont do that


i didnt know you’re an animal doctor. thats pretty cool, dude


miss me matt :slight_smile: ? still mad at me :tired_face: ?


Funny how you didn’t know after I treated you the other day :cold_sweat:


kind people dont ■■■■ with their teams and spy for other teams


I guess :octopus: oh well but srsly id prefer u guys fought lan with bar im quitting the era now of bordem


i was never active and stopped logging 4 days ago cause of life


i never said psi couldnt handle this better ever milan but pretty sure you could have aswell dont shift the blame soley on psi he is at fault so are you tbh what traj said is the only intelligent through this debate
also i am quite sure LAN had spies with every1 lol if you bothered to read psis point of view and cooled off a bit you would understand he thought about the team aswell you both had your points and didnt agree with each other guess what happened in the end :slight_smile:
@Hitmo doesnt mean you dictate what to do either with your players pretty sure things could have been avoided if you for example demanded that psi puts a tick in war and said hey we WILL war at tick xxx
but na just plan everything in the back and throw it to him cpl of hours earlier dont see how that could go wel l either