E4 Factions event


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Our team does have many leaders. You’re correct. Yet when our leadership decided we wanted a fun little war with LAN you still did not speak up and try to regain control. Instead you stayed silent, said you wouldn’t participate, and then kicked Milan as soon as they started fighting. Let me think of a few other options that you had here that would’ve also disassociated yourself from the backstab.

1: Leave the alliance
2: Tell the leaders of LAN that you don’t agree with the backstab and will not participate
3: BC saying you don’t agree with the war with LAN

Notice none of those things actually require you to kick anyone? Pretty weird right?

Stop acting like your negative opinion of Milan didn’t impact your decision. There were like 20 members that attacked LAN and you only kicked Milan before you left yourself.


20 members who chose to follow a different leader a team can have only one leader and that was psi people chose to follow milan diffrent story
funny thing is people are genuinly surprised of the outcome moment trajic quit i knew something along the lines of this would happen since he was the middleman


psi never communicated to me or most of those 20 players who were kicked/left.
No one was aware that psi was even against this.Thats what I’m saying, the communication was missing between the players & the leader.

If I knew that psi was against the war, I might have given a second thought to to join Milan. Yes I too wanted war I’m saying it clearly but I would have again thought which side I should have chosen. I too am not a big fan of battlehugs & I have learnt this from no none other than @malicewolf


there was a direct head on discussion about this between psi and milan from what i understood milan knew psi was against it he went with it anyways


You quit the chat midway. I can quote you entire convo which took place from when u quit till I was kicked. None suggested me that psi is against this. Even if it did it must have been night for me & I must be sleeping. There was no mass message from psi either although there were mass messages from Milan regarding attack.


psi dissagreed with this long ago when i was still playing this was disscussed way before i quit trajic was trying to find a middle ground between both then i quit same for traj since i knew psi disagreed with this from way before and milan knew that thats where i am coming up with the assumption hitmo pretty sure psi is more mature than making no war with LAN and going head on battle with milan in a big chat so from ik very few people were involved in the discussion


We knew that Psi/Leo were against the war but that does not give them an excuse to do what he did. Alliances do not only have 1 leader. Almost every alliance I’ve ever been in has had multiple leaders and I’ve had great success. And in your scenario of their being only 1 leader, if Psi wanted to be a leader he should’ve acted like one instead of just having the flag. A flag does not signify leader in my eyes. never has and never will.


yeah he acted like one just cuz he isnt the loudest in war doesnt make him not the leader he sorted the diplo the deals and behind the scenes stuff which in my opinion is what a leader is doing trajic milan u and others lead the wars because ur capable of it and as me traj and even milan said we have many leaders in this team and na the final decision always comes to the orange flag idk what kind of team u played in which it was ok to have to absolute leaders but usually these types of teams have a lot of inner trouble


I was in LAN and I quit era around tick 550 coz STRK was dead, while FIRE and BAR were fighting and we were building up and collecting garrisons/relics.

My team apparently made era long deal with BAR and FIRE, which demotivated me from just logging in to build an army. That is more like a farming game where you log in daily to collect crops. I was hoping for someone to ‘backstab’ another, but with so much pride and honor at stake, I could not see that happening. I do not understand why people made era long deals with 2/3 other alliances. Especially my team (LAN) who agreed to sit and build for the next 500 ticks, they manipulated other teams.

This was a 1000 tick ‘experiment’ event… people treated it like a normal era where they get as much allies, but forgetting that there were only 4 teams and each had 100 players.

I care about having fun and this faction event helped me fight alongside my ‘enemies’ (in other eras) against my ‘friends’ (in other eras). I felt this was going to fix the issue of players always refusing to fight ‘friends’ but the latest actions seem to have proved me wrong.


There were 15+ players who had no idea about this Psi vs Milan dispute. Still they were kicked. What was their fault? All their hardwork went in vain. Who gave right to leo/psi to ruin the era for them? There was a serious communication gap between psi & players.

Also it would have much better if psi would have asked individually to all the core active members abt their decision to war LAN. There is a reason we have voting on BD i.e. democracy . If majority would have said that they wanted to war LAN which was against the principle of his he could have simply left without so much drama.


PSI literally said NOTHING to the team about why he was kicking Milan. He just said he disagreed with what we were doing. Instead of talking to LAN he could have talked to his own team, but he made that decision.


because you will be breaking your leaders deals if u didnt want him you should outvoted but then u will reply to me you cant get enough members to outvote him my reply to you will be ok then who gave u the right to represent the whole team? he talked with milan they couldnt come to an agreement so milan went on to do his own plan anyways
@Carter Milan organized an attack against psi wishes while he KNEW that psi wasnt ok with it, and it wasnt something simple it was starting a war
wonder why he would get kicked
@Yessum tbh not every1 enjoys pointless wars why did u drop by again? when were u ever relevant ? get u to lead the weeb team next nice to see u around noob


@youssefkh, I guess that’s why you always needed 3 teams against me :wink: Also, you know yourself, I’m more relevant than a HINI member, even after all this time, tsk tsk youssef, come off it son.


I’m honest here. Real honest. I didn’t understand this part. Would appreciate if you use commas or atleast write the first alphabet with in capital so that I can atleast get that its a new sentence.


We’re making BD history here guys!


thats what happen when u discuss with some1 who isnt focusing on the topic im dumb hitmo my bad

Who gave u the right to represent the whole team and go with things your way
Milan and psi talked they couldnt come to an agreement milan did his own plan anyways he got kicked


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