E4 Factions event


Everyone can say what they want about LAN…
But they have good players who did war and ended STRK fast and not just cuz STRK was weak…it also had good players but they didnt knew to coordinate with each others and LAN did…so you can say they got free win but there are players who didnt sleep and were fighting all the time and this is coming from me since im in war with them since start and saw things(ex STRK)


PSI has never been a democratic type of leader. In fact, most serious players hate those types. They want orders to be made, not discussed for long periods of times. Any of the big players in the game will tell you, MOST (not all) good leaders are the types that set their mind and simply tell people what to do. This isn’t to say there aren’t good democratic type leads. Me personally, I usually ask my team for opinions on just about every alliance related action. Sometimes people love it. Sometimes people tell me “I don’t care, just make a decision”

So I will say, don’t necessarily blame PSI for that type of leading. It’s actually a very coveted style by a majority of the older players because it’s what most of the experienced players want. Democratic styles require all to be involved in the state of affairs of their alliance throughout the entire era. The dictator style allows players to focus more on their own life and only need to be told where they’re needed (meaning more time to do other things).


Thats why i didnt accept to be leader when i was asked

I would prob kicked all at tick 51 or everyone would have been crying when they see everyone red even tho they dont “battlehug”

But at least i dont blame who did accept to be leader cuz its not easy to have 120 noobs and make everyones wish come true


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jk jk, but thank you for keeping a neutral stance on things.


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Being a dictator-style leader is totally great, being a dictator-style leader and then not actually being there is not so great.

No one is blaming him for that. We are blaming him for messing up the era for all those people and for not going with the wishes of all the active members.


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Yeah well no one is perfect and we are not all same and think same

Its stupid how it turned but its just a game at the end and we all make mistakes :sweat:


Really lol, well the persistent part is true


Of course it is Djina. It just pains me to see that the mistakes of one player have ruined the game for so many, and I do think we can hold him accountable for that. There are a lot of people that had come back to this game for just this era that are definitely not coming back now, and that is 100% solely due to what Psi has done this morning. Literally none of that would have happened if he had simply quit the alliance or simply had not fought the war.

It sounds very heroic and honorable to say you want to preserve your honor, but I think it is incredibly selfish to ruin an event and a game for so many just because you think it might reflect negatively on your honor.


Either way, I think that blaming Malice or Alex for trying to calm things down is ridiculous, all I have seen is them simply trying to explain things not to back up Felipe but in an attempt to keep things civil and try and get a better understanding between both parties.

That being said big up to @Alexander, I agreed with every point you made up there and big up to @Malicewolf too, you shouldn’t shoulder all the blame, everyone played a part in this era.


I was not going to get involved but I will respond to you sir. Firstly, LAN did NOT ally everyone, LAN had no one allied right at the start. We immediately marked STRK red, and when BAR and FIRE started fighting, we allied both to ensure neither side was worried we would step in if they should start losing. Next, You claim we only sat and built, but if you look at the kill counts, we do in fact have the highest kill counts in the server. Iceman having 16k and Goel (ign hello) having 13k. Thats more than Milan has. I myself am approaching 10k, and I have launched at 1 relic so far, and nothing more in terms of admin released units. (Dang vech army when the team’s chassi is tanks :X) Furthermore, the entirety of the era we have tried to teach our players why we are making certain choices (nukes in SA, then NA when STRK moved hives) and why we are moving our armies in certain ways

So no, LAN was NOT just a team of players sitting and building score and doing nothing. But I can see why you would think that. People looked at us and said “NO way they could be BOOSTING, and actually fighting while growing THAT fast. They HAVE to make mistakes and lose units all era” No sir. I (Ign Robb Stark) have 40 or so conquerers left. I have a soldier count of 1480, and have lost a total of 2 range squads and about 30 armor squads so far this era. The ones on my team actively playing and boosting (those you accuse of “sitting to build score” are in fact in simular situations as me)

Last thing I will mention here is that no, you did NOT have the worst leader. Psi did what was best for the team every time. If you claim we allied everyone, why did you not attack us? Psi agreed to our terms, so did skippy. Both were in fact online often enough to actually play. Yes, on paper it LOOKS like we had the best leader, but MadMax, Iceman, Rania, and myself were the ones that made the choices in LAN. DF had a buisness trip and was not online until tick 650ish. Jazz, PSI, and Skippy were all fully active (maybe not PSI at the end so much, but at the start) and did try what was best for their teams. Ye, we beat JAZZ and STRK pretty hard into the ground, but dont associate that with bad leadership, or lack of communication. Thanks

-Prince Kael


wow you left me out. unbelievable


Many times i was stopped by leader to not attack some allies that i had reasons to kill, even tho i was mad and fighting i listened leader

Here many wanted to fight and looks like Felipe wanted to leave cuz of it but in the end happened what happened

I know Felipe and he is always for war, dont know the reason why not attacking LAN but thats his decision and we should all respect it same as he should have respected your wish to war

It could have ended in dif way


Who are you again??? Never saw you


Well I will say it was a turn in events for sure.
PSI could not see a stab while he was leader and 100% agree and don’t blame him.

That being said
1 He should have been removed he is known for this kinda thinking.
2 What could have been done to prevent this in the future

these 2 points should be subject of topic

milan you and others were not wrong to step up and help lead.
I am sorry this has ruined era for so many.


You guys also took 3 relics and several garrisons. I think you got STRK’s 100 crystal garrison too. we got 1 relic, 1 100 crystal garrison, and a couple other small ones. And the reason your top guys have more kills than ours is because we had more active members that also got kills.

If Psi was online enough to play and still didn’t play that’s worse in my opinion. I’m telling you he did not do almost any playing the entire era.

Also Kael I don’t think you had the best leader. I think BAR had the best leadership. However it was not Psi or Leo. They gave us no direction and then got mad when some people took charge and tried to actually get us to do something. Then they kicked the members of BAR that tried to take charge simply because they were actually trying to lead and Psi/Leo disagreed with them.


Here I go.

I’m not better than anyone here, we all are humans and we must be punished by our actions, when it is wrong or contradict the major opinion.

I feel sad, for people saying I wasn’t active. Sure I wasn’t here when it started but I got woke up and stayed awake for more than a day trying to coordinate and fix things, I remember Milan was busy with M2 and was inactive at all early game? People always talk what they wanna, but keep forgetting about the past and keep blaming the present.

Allying with LAN? I would not accept STRK, FIRE and BAR fight a 3v1 against LAN, never. STRK had said our team was a threat why would I gangbang LAN to be gangbanged later? But yea, I was inactive hue hue, #sad

And about my inactivity, I hope you guys be saying that after we held and conquered Africa, cuz there was when I dropped my activity to take a rest and was when Milan finished his M2 and started being active, but I was around, ppl like Trajic or Youssef, even Milan talked to me on private or the Wise chat we had.
Check the damn INBOX I’ve sent mass about what to do, the hive, myself going to Africa to help Trajic, Kong and Mike. But it seems to be out of any understanding.

It’s funny that the same persons that are blaming me for being inactive or not enough vocal, was the same who said our team had many leaders and I wasn’t much needed, just for crucial decisions. I wasn’t much vocal? Eh, I can agree, I let ppl in their current positions lead the front of wars cuz I decided it was better to share the work with who was able to do it. But yet, oh yeah, I didn’t do shit #sad

Backstab isn’t my way to play for win, if you guys use that as an excuse that’s your all problem, not mine. LAN had more power, boost power, ground etc etc, isn’t yet excuse to backstab, I’ve won against all those odds before. And many of you did too. I was hoping ppl come with the “Tick Notice War”, Milan disagree, because the odds wasn’t on our favor. I disagreed on the backstab thing, he kept working by his own using his influence to the new players to get what he wanted, he is a great player and an awesome person, I appreciate that on him, but when it becomes to ranks and fame, he does what wants to get it. I would never go against my word, it’s a thing that I carry into my life, I have principles even when Mr @redwurm says it’s a silly game. I remember when you and @Senatus became BFF when it was about backstabbing. [details=1]http://image.prntscr.com/image/d93201fe07b94b879f38611fcdbbe2cd.jpeg[/details]
I’m not here to please any ego or pride and I won’t let ppl use others for their own case.

Talk about battlehugs? Even Rania knows I don’t like her much by the way her play, I fought her, @trajic1, @djina, @youssefkh and I do not regret anything. It’s all about war.

So, I disbanded my alliance? I made a deal with myself I’d take who initiate it with me. And I did it. [details=2]http://image.prntscr.com/image/2f7600488a934acd870d55a9e44bd2bd.jpeg[/details]
What happened after, had to happen or not, who knows.

I don’t see this Event as a fail, I see it as a learning for the future, ppl learned more about the game, saw that activity and coordinating are extremely effective against big alliances and that all they need is motivation and never give up. It wasn’t an ALLIANCE WINNER, but individual / solo ranks. Was to show the new and intermediaries players how it can be played and improve their gameplay, that’s why rewards are for top 50.

For all those who could understand me, thanks. Those who couldn’t, hope you do soon.


No, I won’t quit, I’ll be around like always, I love this game so much to just let it… go.


if everyone had simply joined the valliant jihad against the LAN collective when my fellow brothers of kekistan had declared it, we wouldn’t be in this mess now would we?


i ran out of likes :frowning: im sorry