E4 Factions event


psi was active he wasnt vocal he was usually there when i looked for him except on one occasion
i think trajic can safely back me up on this
no idea what happened after i quit though


Considering how fast the era was, a stepping down of a leader should have been faster than usual or a 1 tick era should have been implemented to give time for a proper turnover.


My bad. I figured the speed would work better for newbs (we have higher retention on speed worlds), originally the plan was a double (I was willing to do that but with a slightly shorter eras).

Honestly, did not expect this chain of effects. I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

I think the true mistake here and lesson for the future is: We tried to assign leaders, and then wish them good luck with their team. But – every team is different. This team was very different from what Felipe was used to. We should have made it very easy for a leader to be changed internally, over giving them the default votes.

Oh well. It was an experiment in the end, we never pretended we knew what would happen, even if I wish we did so we could have made it better for everyone. At least BAR got 700~ ticks of fun… STRK died almost right away :disappointed:


was that the reason he lead his country to a slaughter? :confused:
btw im just trolling (not hate people!) :stuck_out_tongue:


That was his ideology which has nothing to do with this.


Leader isnt a problem…ppl took this event to seriously when it was made to have fun and meet new players…


hitler isnt the best example he was vocal but was stupid led himself to his own demise due to his ego
being vocal doesnt make u a good leader psis mistake was not being vocal among other mistakes which could have avoided this scenario however wars were already lead by milan traj and others so he concentrated on other things


It isn’t fun to have all your work thrown in the trash dj :\


psi was a leader, he takes care of greater things (a.k.a diplomacy)
he saved BAR from being ganged up by FIRE & LAN

He let his co-leaders be vocal and take care of the war-fronts!

you dont need to have a loud bark to prove you’re the better one around,


If I’m investing 12+hrs of a day in anything . Game, project etc. I think anyone will take it seriously.

& youssefkh Sorry, but if you cant use commas & full stops in your ans I can’t read them.


Yeh well i left my team as the start and i had fun when i could, when i saw ppl will just sit and let other war and care only for ranks i knew that this event wasnt planned good, it isnt totaly bad but if there wasnt rewards and allies it would have been great era


dont think i have too make a good point but just this once for u hitmo
Hitler was a stupid leader .Because due to his ego he attacked his ally Russia and caused his own demise. Having the loudest bark in no way makes you a good leader hitmo.


But aren’t you glad this didn’t have special rewards like SOMEONE wanted?! :joy: Imagine then!!



I maybe even spent more time.even tho was busy as hell still i played it for fun


Then it would have been world war 3 in forum :joy:


thanks for trying your best for the era malice sorry you had such a massive backlash for trying also kudos to you and alex feel bad for you two for all its worth though


For the love of people, no Godwins. Thank you.


One final thought on this:

Psi did not communicate with his team. He never asked the people in our team “Do you want to war LAN or not?”

For example, earlier in the era he NAP’d FIRE, but it came out of nowhere for most of us. They just announced “This is what we are doing, deal with it” Not asking for opinions, nor seeking advice of plenty of experienced players in the era.

The reason this is all such an issue is simple: He took an action on his own, screwing over the majority of his active and involved alliance. If he cared about his alliance, perhaps he should have asked us what we thought or what we wanted at some point, and I know for a fact I was never asked my opinion by our official leadership.

I do not believe he has a place in events like this in the future, if he cannot communicate with his team properly.


Both parties are the finest. And I loved playing with them.

PSI is a good leader. He didn’t let us to be eaten by LAN while we’re eating FIRE. But he should have been A LITTLE BIT vocal with his plans. I didn’t even know he was resigning as our leader!!! (btw, resigning means he know that he’s incapable of performing the job for a specific reason).
If WE, BAR members, knew he was resigning, then we could have a talk on who will lead us and helped admin and josh in their decision. But everything was kept a secret and every member was clueless on what to do. Until the damage was done. But he is good a leader, not just what I wanted because I’m a war freak dumb ass.

Milan is not a greedy backstabber for anyone who’s judging him. He know that his team deserves better than what it should be because boosting should not dictate the win, rather the effort and skill a player showed during the era. And that was the best thing a leader can have, motivating his team for the greater good.


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