E4 Factions event


Figured it’s best to get the full story from the guy on the inside, rather than having a bunch of conflicting posts here.

I, and many others, have just been kicked from BAR by Psi just as our attacks on LAN were landing. Our alliance was officially lead by Psi, but I believe you can ask anyone in the alliance who our leader was, and their answer will not be Psi. We planned to attack LAN tick 740, since we did not want to spend the rest of what should be an era that teaches everyone how to play to be about sitting, building, and constantly nuking those we had beaten. We preferred fighting over battlehugs.

By we, I mean pretty much every single active member in our alliance. Psi apparently did not agree, and rather than leaving his alliance to make it clear he did not, he kicked our active members who did want to play this era and then left himself.

It’s messed up BAR completely, the ones who haven’t been kicked are leaving at the moment. I really really believe this is very sad. To me, this event was about teaching newbies how to play, making intermediate players better, and meeting new people. A leader’s task in this would be to make sure those newbies are taught, that attacks are coordinated so that people learn you need to work as a team to win eras, and to just be there for your team. Psi did not exactly do that, which is honestly fine. It didn’t matter, because we had other players who stepped up. Matt, Trajic, Redwurm, Youssef, LolGF, Zealot, Feitan, Hitmo, Carter, Aaryan, Muha… We had a lot of people that were both very active and that would coordinate people. On top of that we had a really really good group of people I had never played with before but that did extremely well. That’s the part I’m most sad about, our guys deserved the win. Yes, LAN had the big boosters meaning they had way more power (since it was hard to get income on this event) but our guys played better. That is why we wanted to go for the win, to show that just boosting, taking the easy war and sitting and building does not get you a win. Battledawn is a war game, not farmville. And I am extremely sad that Psi has decided to ruin all that by disbanding our alliance.

Anyway, shout out to Aaryan, Babykong, Ownage, Carter, Redwurm, Feitan, Hitmo, Humza, LolGF, Marco, Matt, Michael, Muha, Abbasi, Ricco, Grust, TheBest, Vesper, Whatismyname, Yoz, Zealot, Muha, Conhor, Braveheart, Deox, dragon Lord, Skizzy, Linas, MP, Decimus, Grust, Puneeth, Prime, Sander, and all those I’m forgetting. We honestly had an amazing team,

Factions, a retrospective

Everyone on that list has my upmost respect as a player. You all did amazing this era. Sad to see it end this way. Anyone can say what they want, but these guys are all fucking amazing. And I’m glad to have been able to be a part of this era.


It’s insane how many people don’t get this.


I’m glad to have had the chance to play with you all, all pros and it was awesome watching you all play, I honestly learned a lot from you guys. Too bad the era ended like this but I hope I get to play with you guys again. It was a great ride and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, except for the ending.


Well, had fun guys, shame things ended this way, hope we see each other in other era’s as friends or enemies , really, just wanted to have fun, meet ppl and get better but sigh


a lot of players have been asked to lead a faction this event era. yet all declined. psi accepted. why are you so salty if you are one of the people that declined? since you supposedly led anyways, why not accept when it was offered and only now you’re crying?


or we could’ve waited to do the event until Josh had 4 solid leaders. Psi was failing on E1 and M1 already when this started, he was clearly the wrong choice from the get go.


he wasn’t a wrong choice. he was a last resort. because Milan and so many others declined


you cant blame PSI for agreeing to something Milan declined


Again, Josh could’ve waited until he had 4 solid choices.


Just because he was the last choice doesn’t mean he was the right choice, its too much responsibility that others declined because it was too burdensome, if he couldn’t handle it he should have followed suit.


I agree with the last statements. There have been plenty of mistakes with this event, but being as this was the first time it has been attempted, we should not be surprised. There was a reason this was kept as a 1000 tick limit, 3x tick world. Admins/Josh knew this would be unpredictable and lessons would be learned to help improve upon this idea. Josh did an amazing job putting this together for what it is. I applaud him for taking time out of his busy life for doing so. Let’s learn and go into suggestions forum with ways to improve this event for next time.


Since this is a serious thread I will try and keep my opinion as fair as possible.

Claiming whether Psi was or wasn’t leader is bullshit, Milan should have just accepted leadership from the start, from what I’ve seen he was the leader and acted like one. Of course Milan and Traj lead battlefronts, but that’s not all being a leader is, and people can argue about Psi’s leadership all day but he was the leader in the end.

That being said, yes its a team effort and I think Psi should’ve listened to the majority if it was truly as overwhelming as you claim, and I don’t think he should have kicked everyone either. But from Milan’s side I think he went the wrong way about it, he thought he had power he didn’t actually have and should have at least talked to Malice or an admin about this beforehand to have Psi step down from leadership or at least be talked to.


ok i replied to most these points i guess in another thread
u guys looked at it for the hell of it psi wanted his team to get most out of this like a leader should do any one who lead before knows that his member are more important than a petty rank he wanted most of his mems to get blues out of this like a leader should think he lead it from the start he made the deals he did the diplo no reason for him to leave at the end if you didnt like what he did should have said so when the deals were made not 500 ticks later


Point blank - at the end of the day. PSI DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS EVENT WAS ABOUT. Somehow as a leader it went over his head. This event was about inspiring activity, teaching new people how to play, and meeting new people.

I personally think a ban or a token fine should be leveled in this case. Each leader knew what they agreed to when they signed up, this wasnt supposed to be a giant battle hug, this was supposed to be an era full of big teams and big wars. If a leader wasnt up to the challenge they should have stated this and not accepted the leadership role.

Hey though, im glad Psi got to stroke his ego and say he led a faction in this event. and now he also gets to stroke his ego and sit around with his friends and laugh about he destroyed an entire factions chances at winning.


If it wasnt battlehug then why even have ally…i said fr the start when i saw fire is blue this era gonna suck… it should have been all vs all and not making naps and deals


psi cut a deal cuz fire and strk cut a deal first he didnt have a choice he honored his deal how is he awfull? how is he not up to leader ship role? psis ego where does psis ego come into equation here i dont get it i get we are playing the blame game blame psi when he was doing the correct choice for the team as a whole


Acting like Psi’s choice was better for the alliance is hilarious. I guess it’s better for all the people who don’t actually play, but for those of us that did it just screwed us over.

He put himself over the people in his alliance that were actively playing, in an attempt to save face and not make his friends mad.


I would’ve kicked you too, noob. :cupid:


yeah psi warred all these guys u call not wanting to make mad so your point? he was on board the fight if it gained the team anything but it didnt so why fight the war where u get nothing when u can get ur team more
your point lolgf? he thought about the team as a whole as the leader and chose his choice if he really did care about his so called friends he would have been against it 100% from the start him not wanting to break the deal that he made to save his team when the all great true leader milan wasnt around to save the team then doesnt make him any less of a leader lolgf