E4 Factions Era Video Summary Video


I was bored and made this the other day. I randomly logged into BD the day it started and i saw the news and i immediatly hopped on E4 and was placed into LAN my name was Alter Ego during this era. It was alot of fun and hope we can do something similar to it one day.


Holy Crap That Was one AWESOME era, i Was in BAR btw, i dont remember what name i went by tho, dam fun, they should do this again soon. like very soon. By the way what era number was this?


This was Earth 4 Era 29 and yeah it was extremely fun playing with so many people we normally wouldn’t :slight_smile:


ah ha i remember my name now- it was GreyFullBuster
i never saw GOT untill like a year ago and only now after seeing this post im like HOLY CRAP that was GOT based XD
i wish i knew it then, i wonder if i would have been even more hyped .


I recently watched 2-3 seasons of GoT (Thanks to @Greeny he made me watch it), only then I realized that faction was GoT based.
I stopped watching though. I plan to watch all seasons once final season is released in May 2019.
All 8 seasons in one week.


Also regarding the video, good efforts claw, but I don’t think that the video does justice to what actually happened. I mean who had not participated nor knows about this era, if watches this video he may get wrong picture.
Anyway nice video. Good work.


I Only used the pictures you guys submitted on the forum so i didn’t have much to work with other than Player Ranks and Territory shots. Trust me if i had more to work with i could have made that video alot better.

It would have looked more like E3 Era 98 Summary.

Anyway Thanks for feedback.


FYI Kaen wasn’t joking, one of those people was me ;///

Can see me in the leaderboard from about tick 300 onward (Alec Ryder at first) but I’m just not on the hall of fame 100 at all… #definitelynotalittlesaltystill