E3 News - Rush For Australia Event

Hello, I’m Padexe

This era Admin Theo is running an event where all relics will spawn in Australia, and wreckages will spawn more frequent there.


So far it looks like DK will be controlling Australia for the first bit of the era, let’s see if they can keep up activity. If they can, they could have an early win on their hands.

North America

KoNA has gained a strong foothold in North America during tick 1. With no other opposition it looks like they will have a shot at controlling the region.

South America

LOTB has gained a similar foothold in South America. We could see conflict between them and KoNA in the future.


Mostly made up of nomads, will most likely be conquered by aRaB or 4Es.

Africa and the Middle East

A mix of aRaB and 4Es, if they don’t ally we may see a war early on.


A mix of FS and Void members. Void is more spreadout in the map so FS may kill them off early if they don’t ally.


Three different alliances here that may end up fighting for control of the region. We have DK, 1OO, and W. It’s anyone’s guess how this one will turn out.

And that is all I have for you for now, next post will be when Tick 1 ends.

can some adopt me for e3 i havent placed yet so i can place where ever you want

Top Alliance

DK holds their spot as top alliance in the first 20 ticks, dominating Australia so far.

Early Wars

LotB vs. Void ensues in South America, with a Void member surrounded by LotB members. So far he is still standing unconquered with zero battle losses.

TF vs. 4Es goes on early in Africa with the TF leader conquering a 4Es member.

KoNA vs. 4E is brewing in the KoNA dominated North America, 4E lost a member and is now down to 2 members. One stranded in Hawaii.

Tick 25

KoNA vs. DK

KoNA challenges DK for the top alliance spot, currently tied in power.

The Fall of 4E

4E and 4Es have both been hit hard. A 4E member has been conquered by KoNA, leaving the 4E leader stranded on Hawaii. TF continues to kill off 4Es in Africa.

Tick 226

This is biased Padexe, you skipped out XXXs rise to power, I wanted to see :frowning:

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i think he got mad, havent seen or heard of him since he got conqored after relocating

After I killed you and took your crystal.

We’re focused on F3.

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ouch, personal attack much? just stating the fact that you tucked tail and got owned. yeah you “conqored” me, you didnt kill me or i wouldnt be typing this post. but you also fought me when i was smaller. come on back over to my area now and ill teach you a thing or two :slight_smile:

At least I went down fighting and not battle hugging. Come to F3.

Wow! Things sure have changed. Exciting era everyone, lets keep it up!

tick 832!

Wow! T is getting wrecked in Earth 3 so bad. This is a sad sight indeed. You guys are absolutely nothing without Sasuke96, Rayu, PG, or TGM!!
how embarrassing, just quit guys. hahahahahaha

If someone from XXX/XXXX conquers me, ill give 3k reds. No joke lets make this interesting guys. This includes trajic as well.
Idc if we are enemies, I’ll stick to my word and give 3k reds. Who’s up for the challenge?


Proof i have the reds to give.

lets get it!


Apparently Trajic was so close! Being smart, attacking me when im asleep! Good one. I have 0 conquers and power of 56…good thing i had a >shield< :wink:

Looks like a boring era.

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Yea, i’m doing my best to spice it up! Some help would be appreciated

@Uch i need my reds


LOL pay the man his reds

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How do you all play this game jesus


Its a great game, Krystal. Wouldnt recommend it tho. It will take your life away

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