E3 is going to end at 3k


for whom did you lose your army ? mistake happen in game >.< TWO of your memeber died on me lol


People still lose sleep for this xD
also Sakrie, your SGC team is just bad, people had to remind me that I once joined ur team on m2 for the sole purpose of stabbing you xD even though you knew of my intentions and did nothing about it and still lost

Now psi might finally enjoy what’s left of his life instead of rebuilding xD


Who are you, o mysterious Light


Even though this era did not go our way, despite being very close to it happening, I give major props to almost all that played. Strategy, diplomacy, killing, backstabbing, etc are what Battle Dawn is about. GG to the eventual winners.


I have literally no idea what you are talking about dude (plus who even are you?)

We don’t ever play Mars eras seriously, like ever.


They backstabbed me twice to help you guys, they really never had “helped” me, just because they rebelled against u guys does not mean they helped me…

Anyway, it is just a game. Gz




Cheers to Rudi and ICEMAN and company. :slight_smile:


Tell Plo that’s some real nice stat farming


It’s okay, he’s used so many Reds this era anyway.

Somebody’s gotta fund the game.


There’s soooo many more BRs… I’m just too lazy to post them at the moment… :sleepy:


Well it’s the end of the era, if you have nothing to lose might as well suicide your army and see what happens (that’s the logic of what people are doing anyway)


@Psi they joined u, if thats not support then what is?? :’)

oh wait, they did leave u to die though

guess u are right :stuck_out_tongue:

@nikhil u have 90 legit squads
i have 60 odd squads
come suicide into me and prove to me that u arent a stat whore that everyone are claiming

@Rodrigo_Cuestas what say?
am i being reasonable here :blush:


I will say in Psi’s defense that the former UGK people that joined his “side” were almost completely 100% garbage and they all cared more about their own scores and getting ribbons than actually winning or fighting.

I’ve got some funny messages with Atom threatening to suicide into him back when we had our little war over the relics (KONA vs UGK). He literally handed over the relic back to me peacefully because I was going to suicide into him and ruin his top-10 chance.

@sasuke96 you are legit one of the few people that I think deserved to win


i did not units from starting of the era too >.< no one even killed me


@sasuke96 What else can we say. Everyone else in our position would be pissed. We know nikhil since the start of the era when NOPY quit and PLO joined their team. Nikhil stole 49 conqueres from us in AA from a team we warred and killed. Nikhil and his crew of noobs made a team in NA called SAW with 3 sit and build members the excuse not to fight AANC when PLO and all of us were in the front in asia. Second round with AANC he killed 1 sitting army and took over half of AANC conqueres, remember at that point he had 450 rules conquered stat. We killed AANC twice while he was moving behind our back. Then when KONA(their first actual war striked) He relocated to Asia and made a deal with AANC(haha i couldnt believe this), He couldnt relocate anywhere but Siberia, when their war was in NA and SA. Get a hint on how much he avoids wars at all costs. He left his team without warning and forced UGK(NOPY sub) Kick 4 of their members to take him and his crew in, leaving UGK with no armies in AA(allowed KONA to take the relics and move them to the pacific). Then when WE again, go and do his dirty job and kill KONA, he took every single conquere he could until we told him to stop. After that he has the audacity to stab us and join the enemy. I suicided on him yes. But if I had the chance to do it again I would do it twice. You should have seen how he went from big bag dog to a useless puppy without his armor, I think thats the last I saw of his army. Hahaha all we know its is still out there somewhere…


Hate to say it man, but you saw all of this happening and still did nothing to stop it. If you don’t like somebody vulturing conquers, you have to kill them.

It’s the same reasoning why I have absolutely no pity for NOPY. I was openly hostile to them the entire time I build up in Central America (although I was in a “sub” hahaha). They didn’t even do anything when I took one of their relics and flew it DIRECTLY towards their other 3 relics with an army on it.

You create your own problems when you don’t rule with an Iron Fist.


@Rodrigo_Cuestas damn son, u raped it with this post



@Sakrie completely agree with u about the UGK fools psi got stuck with
but then that is what happens when u go for people with big army no skill

nikhil been trash talking me saying he got 8 anti veh r5 squads, his whore ass cant afford more than1 xD
when i asked him for screenshots he claimed he lost 6 of them
if i lost 6 r5 squads i would go into depression lol xD

ps- thanks for thinking I deserve to win :smiley:


No time for cleanups, atleast when I wasnt in vacation Ive been at war all ticks. Notice the power levels around the world nothing we could do about it.


always talking those 40 conquer well you guys dont even ops in aa there is no one around that why i took them there is no one sitting he was active and keeping tat is not my problem he suddly fall a sleep you guys keep hate casue you did not end up with 10 reilc :smirk::smirk: well i had deal with them the true casue i left PLO cause no one was active