E3 is going to end at 3k


Mate, please quote me on how I’m whining?

I accomplished my only goal a while ago; E3 is still going (plus Mike is dead xD)

You are literally feeding the troll here to try to prove you are the “bigger man” or something. I’ve pulled you into the poop-flinging.


Congrats :stuck_out_tongue: We’re proud of you.


i think you had a dream and wakeup :joy::joy::joy::joy: because of you one day was delay >.< your just a nub dont even know how to fight all amour and damge units >.<


Honestly dont see where the hate on B is coming from here. Thought that was a perfectly reasonable request in the msg. God knows how many times an era gets dragged for an extra 1000 ticks because team B has to drag their relic from across the world to grab the relics hidden in the middle of the ocean. Especially when the losing team are all below 30 power and its obviously just a time waster.

It causes not only the winning team to suffer, but everyone else on the world


OR it gives people opportunities to build up again and launch new offensives. It’s not like I was literally the only person left fighting.

Take a look at the map now compared to tick 2k or even 2.5k; it’s chaos.


Yep, it’s not like he did the EXACT same thing last era with Plo


Circumstances last era and this era are at polar opposites. Let’s enjoy the round until whenever it ends. :slight_smile:


This round isn’t one of those cases as is evidenced by current events.


Kona is one of the best alliances I have ever seen. Top-tier players playing for the love of battle. Well done, lads, well done. slow clap


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you HAD to accept it. But the message was respectful and reasonable. One of the things I hate most are disrespectful messages back in response to a reasonable request, even if it’s because you disagree. If you ever want me to go full out against you on an era, just send me a few disrespectful responses and you’ll have me boosting and calling upon the entire world to overthrow you. Only 2 good ways to truly neutralize an enemy. Kill their moral (which firing them up with disrespectful responses will not do in most cases) or kill them with kindness. Saying “good fight, you guys did great this era” is MUCH more likely to kill their drive to continue to screw with you than “haha, you guys lost, gitgud scrub”



Oh no! What are we gonna do now without our glorious leader! :scream:


Pretty much sums my feelings for this round: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5XNWFw5HVw

Good era all sides :joy: :sob:


Repect m8 :sunny: <3


eveyone is die on me >.< DRO first next you George


When u play with randoms and they do not trust on ur call, 3/5 said land.

We were discussing about adding SP for like 20min, but yet they turn. Well played, you guys had it in the bag :wink:


You should know Nikhil is here and only here to get his first medal and he didnt farm, sniped and scavenged over 600 conqueres all era only to loose to fighting an actual battle. Randoms aint that bad. Your new members are


Guess the cat’s out the bag now… :cat:


Hahahaha this is turning out amazing


@Psi what goes around, comes back around :wink:
the ones who once aided u, are the ones who fuked u over xD