E3 is going to end at 3k


Hahahaha you literally cannot grasp the concept of what I am trying to say.

I don’t care about whatever diplomacy there is/was/will be. I don’t care about what side was going to win or what side is winning now or what side will win the era.

All 10 relics were under the control of the “Winning side” after the AANC war. Key word there is were. I don’t care about whatever team you guys were going to make to finish the era, all that matters now is that none of those plans worked.

You are still fighting.



I dont understand why B is taking it so personal. If I remember correctly you took NOPYs relics(UGK). You killed them and you kicked them out of America. They are so desperate now they stab us after we carried them all era, and they join with the very same people who stabbed them?! You guys make your own forum. We arent gonna argue the whys and the whens of things werent in our control or reach at the time. Hierarchy is, you killed them, I killed you. Now they stab me for whatever reason. This makes you all look bad, yet you brag of dragging an era to who? The same people fighting on your side? Cheers and GL


Mate, I’m not on any side here. If you had a chance to steal 4 relics and hide on Hawaii you’d take it too just to see what happens.

Literally just making people use tokens to help support a game I mildly enjoy :wink:


Rematch next era boys? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you think I dont know about the big chat you are tripping. There are most deffinatly sides to this era and you are part of one wether you like to admit or not.


I am fully aware of the “big chat” too and whatnot, I know exactly who is in it.

I don’t understand how you keep thinking I’m part of this conspiracy (I legit don’t even know who you are by the way). [EDIT: Turns out you are DRO, in which case HAHAHAHAHA]

Have my actions helped some people? Yeap, definitely but that doesn’t mean it was the intention.

No crap there are sides to an era. GASP you mean people are trying to win?!?! I’m on SGC’s “side” and since we aren’t actually playing we’re just here to cause some chaos.

I don’t understand how to better articulate my thoughts here when you fail to believe the truth.
I. Do. Not. Care.


Like I have told every troll in the history of Battledawn, keep telling that yourself. AIM HIGHER! Wahaha drunked memoirs


My goal is my own happiness, that’s the highest anybody can aim xD


There is no denying SGC delayed the era after AANC relics were taken. Without that little adventure of Starks and Sakrie, the era may have been over by now.


Ahh. let’s not become groupies here in this forum. If stroking their ego will help, yes SGC has delayed e3 :laughing: Let’s just finish this era and enjoy the game. no need for this to become a long pointless thread, just like last E3’s thread :sleepy:



This is the professionalism BD players need to have. But unfortunately in the recently concluded E4 era many big players failed to exhibit this quality.
Truly appreciate you on this George.


@sakrie remind me again, wasnt it u and stark who got locked and killed on a 9 tick old fresh OP xD


Here’s my story and I am sticking to it. UGK has been disbanded after I removed Casper for what is known as one of Aladar’s crazy conspiracy. I am an old man that has been in this game damn near eleven years and have seen every twist, plot and backstab imagined. Atom, Ash, Hello and Yay Watch have been invited back but there can only be one leader.

I have investigated the matter and have concluded PLO/Casper conspired to kill Ash and I while plotting to kill off JQKA members and UGK members (two birds with one stone) and working with NUKE to secure the ten relics and form into a #1 alliance.

I have been witness to my teammates leaving and joining allies only to return in full force and found myself outnumbered and at any moment three to four votes would of ousted me as leader.

I thank everyone for the opportunity while it lasted but everything that I saw in this era goes against UG values. I understand the betrayal but will not agree on allowing members to survive only to have joined another team.

To sum it up, wins should not come at the price of loyalty and if it is UG to teach lessons then so be it. In the name of my enemies take heed to the words I say I will die for UG pride, loyalty, principles and values.

UG Rules of Command,

The Underground community does not exist.
The Underground community has no diplomatic ties with anyone.
The Underground community always respects their own.
The Underground community does not have to “cheat ya to beat ya”.
The Underground community will kill its own.
The Underground community thrives on being out numbered.
The Underground community dies in a blaze of glory.
The Underground community rises from rubble.
The Underground community denies everything.
The Underground community changes landscapes.
The Underground community does not retreat from battle.
The Underground community does not surrender.
The underground community does not take prisoners.
The Underground community does not show mercy.
The Underground community doesn’t half CENSORED things, give your all or get out

-WuXing, a fearless leader of the Underground Community

-King Aladar, a wicked leader of the Underground Community

-Agent Smith, an eternal leader of the Underground Community



Nope, that was Stark and not me. I suicided a tank squad in for fun though.

So close to coming up with a good insult, and yet so so far.

@King_Aladar To me it seems like you couldn’t take the heat so you got out of the kitchen. You failed to get your kills for #1 and you know you aren’t good enough to actually fight.


I must say. I’m glad SGC did what they did. A lot of true colors were shown. No morals, no integrity, no balls :stuck_out_tongue: Had this been 2007, this era would be so much different :slight_smile:

I appreciate this entertaining round. Seems like E3 may be the new hot spot for good eras.

Only wish the Admin would interact with players and the server more often… Garrisons… Riddles… etc.

Respect to all sides, enjoy the game :slight_smile:



Play with scumbugs 4 too long u need a fly swatter to realize it :bug: :bee:


What are you even talking about? If anything, YOU are the one without integrity and balls. I seem to recall you getting offended when I told you that to win an era you should fight until the end (when I wouldn’t hand over the relics I stole).

And my response

Seems you like to complain more than fight?


i dont see anything indicating him not having integrity and balls he actually acknowledged u and hoped he was able to play at his full potential the only thing not making sense is him saying that losing alliance should hand over relics to winning aliiance


Been fighting all era. I gave credit where it was due yet you’d prefer to sit here and try to spark an argument :P. i don’t mind fighting a little longer. Whilst you cried and whined about “Oh I just want to suicide into mike right now” “Mike this mike that, F3 this, He did that to my team” :sob: Get over yourself. It’s cute that you’re trying to post messages on forums to show nothing.

A deal for last alliance left after war to take relics was a reasonable deal, one you rejected, so we continued to fight :smiley: It’s as simple as that. Integrity… Balls? I’ll die with my team before running around and whining on forums :stuck_out_tongue: