E3 is going to end at 3k


http://prntscr.com/exqb6t no one know who is going to win in e3


Just placed on E3 before i saw this and I’m impressed! looks like a interesting era where 3 teams look even! Good luck George! rooting for you


Haha I was wondering how long until somebody made a forum topic for E3.

I started building at tick like 600 and got around 70 conquers by tick 800 just by abusing some network in CA (former PLO/NOPY alliance’s sub). I was invited to CA by the leader while I was still extremely inactive and just sitting there JW. I was content with just building to suicide into somebody eventually.

Opportunities came, I took a relic and sat on it for a while. Some friends saw I had built and started to do so as well and we hatched some plans to create chaos on the World. Long story short, I find myself on Hawaii next to my good buddy with 4 relics in the Pacific.

We (KONA) do not care whatsoever and accidentally trolled ourselves into a decent position. I think it’s hilarious that X (DRO/PLO) now have to fly a relic across the Atlantic to the Americas and come get them. I feel everybody should have to rescue relics from the Pacific at least once on E3 :slight_smile:

I’d be surprised if we held out til 3k considering we largely do not care. It’s amazing how quickly the boost bar keeps shooting up, and by amazing I mean kind of pathetic.


joined in my bro team i trust the most ;/ that is the only reason i let you grow in e3 it was my mistake >.< you stab us when our all units are so far from hive ah it will be end of you soon :smiley:


That IS the point of a stab, but I don’t feel I even really “stabbed”.

Ya’ll had some people on your team who decided to stab me on F3. That was honestly so, so stupid of you guys to let me build up when I was openly hostile the entire time. I’m glad I was able to repay the favor at least.


I hate double-posting but I felt I needed to share this hahaha. This is a daily event.


AND I got ioned 16 times


Thank you for posting BR’s George.


NUKE is obviously the greatest :smiley:


350 ticks left i need some fun before i leave


Would of been nice to see you in one of those BRs against our actual enemies. The first time you go to war is to stab your friends and you still wont get kills.


i want this guy die DRO big mouth when i told them i wont attack AANC casue i ahad a deal with him

he need fight we will give him


Word on the street is there’s one big surprise left.

I’m just glad I was able to help prolong this era and stoke some bad-feelings inside of alliances hahaha


I see you are your biggest fan xD. Way to stroke your own ego, it’s cute :slight_smile: You credit yourself for a lot that has happened this era.

Let’s enjoy this game until 3k :sunglasses:


Well consider it’s literally my fault the era didn’t end 600 ticks ago, yes I do credit myself.


This couldnt be more true xD


Psi and AANC’s stubborness delayed the era :smiley: I’ll not entertain you however. Ready to have this era over in time for new seasons of a few of my Netflix shows :smile_cat:

P.S. - not sure if you were here last E3 era, but this is deeper than the trolling of “the mighty Sakrie” :D:D
Sorry about what Mike did to you on F3 :frowning: Feel free to talk about it here. :cry:

Thank you guys for a fun era, It was well worth it.


You seem to be unable to do simple math. You guys beat AANC and got their relics at ~tick 1.8k, era should have been over then except I took 4 relics from the nopy-team (Which by extension was Plo).

I was able to stall until tick 2.4k. Simple math says 2.4k - 1.8k = 600 ticks. Now consider that those 600 ticks gave enough time for people to steal the Asia-relics.

NOW consider that UGK is attacking you (JQKA). Mate, I understand that there are multiple people with different goals acting here. I’m just saying all of them used the time I gave them wisely to continue fighting.

I never said I was mighty, I never claimed to be great. Like I told Dro, you can’t reason with somebody who legitimately does not care.

Therefore, you are an idiot :slight_smile:


This is the gist of it :joy: :jack_o_lantern:


you seem to fail to understand simple diplomacy. The time you took relics from the guys who allowed you to build all era, we weren’t going for win. our plan was to hand relics to them, PLO (UGK now) but that plan was halted because of our lazy fight with AANC. Not here to reason with you. Just was trying to keep your head from falling too far up your butt (better choice of words) So you don’t go into thinking You single-handly caused a shift in the era xD Those Relics in asia were going to be taken with or without your stunt. We are aware JWW are guys with unfinished business from last era. Strongly suggest you research and do your homework before poking out your chest, kiddo. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’m lazy so this is probably my last post for a while on this topic :smiley: I’ll read your rants however :slight_smile: