E3 Era 98 4 man Quad Era


did u really? i havent even logged since days lmao


Few deaths
Ponka Team:



…he disband the army so… no br


the other guy committed suicide in the army of my friends…


H2T team don’t fight just run… so… GG for all


That’s a defensive br…how is that suicide?



Ah okay should of posted that


Tick 2000

(large image)

RIP group take 1st and 2nd as the era hits max ticks with relics still being contested. Iceman hands off relics to Klord to steal a top 3 spot

Overall fun era to watch for the most part, shame none of us in YOLO had time to be super active


Free ribbon for you kid
you got the others same way na?:joy:


I’m not yojiro :roll_eyes:

@Yojiro hey baby :heart:


Carter when do you plan on getting a medal?


That’s none of your concern :frowning:


Every1 good game and well played.


Meh,dead. See you all whenever im bored again.


It was a fun era. GG to all. I made a video Summary of the era special thanks to @BaBaBaBaBane and @Louis updates on the era. Seems that BD isn’t completely dead!

I could have made it better but i wanted to get it out fast xp Hope everyone enjoys. I’ll be taking a break from playing BD but might still make videos if i have time on certain eras or go back to doing the championbship era project.


A really great era :slight_smile: GG all thanks for play


We were marked red at some point xD 3:04

Also poor @Psi :frowning:

Always fun to see BD videos though, maybe I’ll try to do one next era I play ftw. Great job man!


You were marked red by Psi not by me xD

Also he was very busy on g3 at the sametime but still props to us for doing many of lockdowns this era :slight_smile:

If you need any help editing a vid let me know :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks Claw for such a lovely video.

At some point of time I became so busy in real stuff that I didn’t payed any attention to what’s happening…I had 300 vechs sitting on my colony throughout the era lol.

And respect to u guys for winning one more era.

Have a good day everyone.