E3 Era 98 4 man Quad Era


that wasnt funny since when did paki and indian players start buying reds :joy::joy:
that was bad people dont need your memes anymore


Deja vu xD

This era is the same as the last era


but they wont win like the last one :joy:
last era they were saying i am playing now they know what happens when we play and not even serious and active


We are Just Waching too. I died 4times :'v


not even funny, who tf boost reds? lmao


sup boi? waiting for you to make few on ur allies yall suck


tango down tango spotted
a kill by 247 on JW




I won’t comment on the era but going around saying “I wasn’t playing serious and active”, why even bother planting then? Just to show off you might get beat by more active teams even if they are “worse players”?

lame excuse


just like you got raped by bp that E2 doesnt mean this :joy:


Wasn’t by BP, and I remember your team getting trapped unceremoniously. I’m not bringing up other eras, you have 0 respect for yourself!


Awww Carter inhale it and one thing idc about anything so go play with your lil pinky man in the only forest :joy:


Spitting nonsense!! If you’re gonna go full antrax so will I.

[11/22/2017 2:54:47 AM] ANTRAX: whats this shiit

you big noob! only winning dead worlds like you m2 boat. don’t act high and mighty!!!:monkey:





Iceman? Idk we not boosting


:joy::joy: you guys talking about honor? burp


ahem dear sir just to clarify some stuff
BP didnot really do much against Carter it was “cough” someone else
sorry for derailing the topic though


Death of Ponka


Almost 300 ticks more left for the era to reach 2000 ticks and end with no alliance ending with all 10 relics. H2T and allies have lost almost all territory to NOOB and allies. BUT H2T has 3 relics hidden in the corner of the sea and NOOB and allies have nothing around atm to reach those relics. So looks like this era will end with NOOB (RIP) winning with score unless something changes in next 4 days. Atm NOOB Holds 3 relics , H1N1 Holds 3 relics and H2T Holds 3 relics while OK holds 1 relic.