E3 Era 98 4 man Quad Era


you can’t beat PS on memes


khalai tatta spotted




@luvraj I heard you r leaving BD since you want to look forward to your career, I respect your decision.

But now I think CLAW gonna die now without ur supervision…lol


Thanks Louis

And dw claw will be just fine :smiley:


@Anthony can you please send me the meme free version of that spongebob picture or post here? Don’t need for BD purpose tho.


1K+ ticks and we have reached the point where all the small small wars have merged into one big war and various teams coordinating with each other atm to eliminate their enemies.So now its

JW , NOOB , WAN , P , Yuri , weJW , YOLO vs H2T , FtB , 247 , NT , Ikrs

So almost most of the alliances in Greenland , North america and south america vs most of Alliances in Europe AA Australia and Asia. As i write this message JW is sending 190 squads in Greenland and NOOB is sending 190 squads in South america. Brs coming soon…and God Bless America :smiley:


looks like last era almost all over again






yawns whatsup guys whats goin on


your fun days are gone FE


JW , NOOB , WAN , P , Yuri , weJW , YOLO , FE vs H2T , FtB , 247 , NT , Ikrs , SOAP

NooB , FE and P have made great progress in SA and managed to take all the territory there, while JW has been stuck in Greenland for last 3 days but manged to conquer FtB colonies and kill few of their troops. Wan also tried to enter Greenaland but was blocked by 247 and Ftb and lost 8-9 squads.


Why you add “YOLO”, “yuki”, “weJW”? they dont go into america, stop lie about the numbers of alliances in each side


As Much i can see Nowhere i have mentioned about YOLO , Yuki and weJW entering America. In my last update i mentioned about JW entering Greenland while NOOB and P took over SA and in this update about NOOB P and FE taking over SA and JW taking over Greenland. Nowhere i can see i mentioned anything about YOLO weJW or Yuri entering America. And if u are concerned why i added their names on you side thats cause Both alliances played a big role for your side in the war. While YOLO had a big role in attacking FtB and forcing them to retreat while they were in Asia on the other hand weJW attacked 247 when they were fighting P forcing them to retreat to South africa and later attacking them along with JW and NOOB and took away south africa from them. So both alliance played a big role against the american alliances and still remain hostile to them but didnt bothered to enter america , so i am just giving them the credit due. and recognizing their efforts from asian alliances side.





meme on chaac? as he did rip thing


we can also see a bunch of coward noobs using dozen support teams just to fight 3 4
#sorrynotsorry nibba


Hahaha dont make me laught, someone need some math class. To count the real number of alliances attacking in NA, that witch only can play using red tokens, as H2T’s army that is biggest than JW’s army and they ran anyway.