E3 Era 98 4 man Quad Era


well, atleast rip shouldnt talk about fair play


I wish I could have continued the era to demolish 247 NT TNO and wK
And to fight Iceman
I’ve gotta run however, good luck to everyone this era!
I will be stepping down as Leader of P. What a surprise I didn’t lose my army this era! But killed armies instead hehe.
And for the record I planted alone, no support, didn’t ask friends for help, didn’t know who was who on the map. And did my best to stay anonymous with all alliances.





Seriously though … this was a crazy, but fun era.


read those from zigzag lmao :joy::joy: shhhhhh



i play that era… i was top 1 like 1000 -1500 ticks :stuck_out_tongue:
but PLO buy many players and was bored, later i let them kill my +40 squads

like ponka y dont win blues :stuck_out_tongue:

i end top… ups xD

sometimes happend.




I feel like I should put my imo in here but the memes are the best keep them coming.


boi, i dont play for reward, bd is all about fun.


i guess we ve done more for trash rip than you lmao


love the memes and battles :hushed:

but something strange i am noticing. JW always move like a train… not move as group



hahah true even they coming to kill us with 80+ squads & i wonder they really need it? :smiley:


Update since what has changed we talked last time :

TNO vs H2T :

TNO clearly has lost most of ground , a player was trapped an killed as per our source from H2T and another player has left the alliance leaving TNO in a pretty bad position. TNO might have to fall to AA abandoning SA.

FtB , NT and leftover players of IKRS vs JW NOOB WAN WANN and YOLO

FtB had almost Major res ops of europe and Asia in control and then JW joined the war. Being outnumbered already FtB was trying to defend whatever it could and then YOLO joined the war from JW side . whom FtB were not expecting and then already losing ground FtB had to abandon Asia and Europe and now is majorly in Greenland with 2-3 ops in Europe on which they are contantly fighting with WAN and YOLO. NT also tried to enter 30+ squads in europe today but YOLO blocked them. A pic of YOLO entering the fight:


247 vs weJW & JW

As the last time we read weJW had already left africa and relocated to china with armies in India. 247 stopped chasing them and today weJW agains tried to enter africa through middle east but did an attack and left the battefield and few hours later 2 players of weJW returned who took some major losses and one of them left the team or was removed after he lost army. Then few moments later JW also joined the war against 247 massing almost 60+ squads and currently 247 is on the run with JW and weJW chasing it.

Rumour Mill

TNO leader has claimed that H2T leader is none other than ICEMAN.

JW and allies are RIP fam.



Alright as i already put some BR’s of weJW ( so called PONKA’s ex team )
here are our some br’s first killed TICK 724

2nd again weJW other guy entered in Africa TICK 745 with 22 squads we killed ( we lost too because of low amours & he died in 6 ticks :smiley: after joining war )

then then then they invited top rank 1 alliance JW lol (Looks like he was sitting free )

then by TICK 751 we killed JW 4 squads xD

well JW really no need to get 80+ squads to kill us as we dont have much units now this all happened in just 50 ticks
So think what we would do if we had the same units like JW ?? :slight_smile:

oh well we were just trolling & we will still troll, we are not boosting & not playing serious even we are not much active

Have Fun ( stabbing is not good for future era’s :stuck_out_tongue: )