E3 Era 98 4 man Quad Era




oh man … this is the best :smiley:


lol really? half of u were crying lul


ask ur friends boi, i know why u guys made me place with rip :joy:


da da da da da its the motherfucking D O’ Double G (snoop dogg)




How many reds are you worth?.. betrayer


same question for you? ■■■■■.


its going good boi, tears? i can see lul


Also, just a disclaimer, WAN and WANN are technically NOOB… ive seen people in here act like WAN is its own group and WANN its sub, they arnt


Haha nice memes guys… I was out all weekend. Crazy era…


I guess this e3 is much more popular than last few eras. All thanks go to the players playing and to Anthony for such nice memes.

Keep up the good work,and it does show that bd is still alive :slight_smile:




hahaha granda :joy::joy: its fun tho



:joy::joy::joy: why so dead? anthiny we waiting for ya boi


A quick update of whats happening right now

TNO vs H2T :

After TNO attacked NT and went attacking them in SA and managed to defeat them and chase them back to NA they encountered H2T alliance in NA which started attacking TNO and kicked them out of NA , currently not much losses on both sides but war goeson.

FtB and Ikrs vs Noob WAN and WANN :

This one is still going on and now Noob WAN have both relocated in Australia along with JW which also might start attacking FtB. Also a member of weJW left the alliance and attacked NOOB and formed his own alliance Ikrs and is now warring NOOB WAN and WANN.

247 vs weJW

After some starting army and territory losses now it seem like 247 has managed to turn tide and push weJW all the way back to india and now weJW has relocated in china.

P seem to have taken back some of its lost territory in AA from NT

JW alliance is also at a standstill in AA from the looks of it and might be preparing for attack on some alliance.

Yuri leader earns some Honour and respect :

Gave 27 tick warning to every alliance that he will be attacking other alliances soon and all NAPs will be void. But the interesting question is , who is he gonna attack.


Old Ruler of E3 is Back

Maybe to just watch the era or maybe coming back to claim what once was rightfully his ??




You shouldn’t have put the word fair tho since they made it legal lmao :sleeping::joy: