E3 Era 98 4 man Quad Era



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A Quick update on what has happened since our last map update :

TNO vs NT vs P
when NOOB and P invaded South america soon after 247 attacked P in AA.

P had to pull some armies to defend hive which gave NT the chance to push NOOB and P out of SA while one of the P members got conquered by 247 and soon after most of its members got conquered by 247 and NT and they had to retreat to their hive while fighting NT.

But today P managed to kill some armies of NT while TNO attacked NT in South america and P has also attacked NT now , so its a 3 side war in that region. P has planted relocation ops near JW.

FtB (with NAPn) vs NOOB , WAN and WANN
FtB along with NT ally NAPn invaded Europe and has managed to take a huge chunk of land and res ops from NOOB , WAN and WANN and now pushing towards their colonies, while NOOB and WAN have relocated near JW.

JW vs wK
JW has takenout wK after a long battle while involved lot of spy attacks from wK and are have now reached middle of AA. while a player of wK managed to escape and relocate near NT.

247 vs P & weJW
after managing to conquer a P memeber and get some ops and kill some Troops they got attacked by weJW in africa and they had to retreat back to africa and lost most of africa by the time they reached there but now have managed to kill some troops of weJW and start pushing them back again but lost all network in AA.

Its an all out worldwar in E3 atm :smiling_imp:



weJW attacked 247 because 247 attacked his ops in southern Africa and killed some spams intended to take conquests from admin (near to the tick 300) and 247 never apologized for the misunderstanding even though weJW asked him WHY the attack…



This era is crazy. Amazing memes haha :joy::joy:






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well i got something for weJW (they keep changing tag so if you dont find now than sorry :smiley: ) basically its KATO & PONKA’s team :stuck_out_tongue:

here is BR’s

yeah i died too last night :stuck_out_tongue: but i was not serious or playing, was just trying to troll which got failed :sunny:

but e3 is so weird era as no one trying to play diplo lol

P fighting TNO , and NT , NT fighting TNO and P
its so weird xD :smile:


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