E3 Era 98 4 man Quad Era


E3 Era 98 just started. I will try to be a little bit involved in the era as a player too as it helps me get hold of more Brs and diplomecy talks instead of just images and assumptions and Please share all kind of Brs (not the spam kills ofc). Goodluck



Ofcourse why not Bane :slight_smile:


This is the current scenario of the world.Tick 72

Lots of big names got hands in this era, This is going to be interesting one.

This era I am not with any team, so I would just gather info and display over here with full proofs n brs, Won’t be in a support of one team and criticize others.

Have a good day :slight_smile:


Ur radar range shows ur in top 10 team :smiley:


@Zianabdul dont you think GL continent and NA continent would also have colony range and it should have been visible here if I was in top 10?


Its a sat scan then :smiley:


NT and NAPn seem to be allied and probably working together. NAPn also took out FTW alliance in Greenland.

Australia is getting interesting as wk and Zzzz both alliances are there. Other than that nothing Major changes.




War between Wk and Zzzz is on its way. Eagerly waiting for results and BRS from them.


RNDM alliance vs NOOB and WAN. They seem to be in a fight from last 20 ticks. So result might take some time.


P alliance is expanding, they don’t seem to be in a war with any big alliance. Seems like they r gathering power for a big show later in the era.


FTW alliance has taken down NAPn member in Greenland and taken complete control over GL.

NAPn alliance seems to be in a war with 247 alliance which BANE is a part of.

AYAZ alliance has been taken down by NT.

I would ask the teams for their kill brs…Would soon display them.


Hello guys,

The battle between NOOB and RNDM has finally finished, and NOOB has came out victorious.

Some of the BRs send by team noob:




I have lost faith in Ppl

Finally 1 battle ended.


NAPn and 247 has made some sort of agreement and fighting stopped.

In Aussie

wK also lost some fights and I think one of their colony is being conquered.Though I don’t know the truth since bd is down :stuck_out_tongue:


This time uploading map with more info , u can find where alliance have been moving forward and which terrirotires alliacnes have left and where are their new homes by looking a bit closely on the map.

SRB Returns ??

Also Zzzz alliance revealed itself to be SRB for almost 20 ticks and then later renamed itself as On. is SRB Fam back. ???


Hi guys, I am back with some more info

NT alliance (currently rank 2) has visited Africa and is fighting 2 alliances namely NOOB (rank 4) and YOLO ( Rank 11).

In GL,

247 alliance is fighting FtB alliance lead by Felipe.

As per the info SRB is not back…it seems like they are a team of rip…Though I might be wrong.Anyone with further knowledge could update about them.

No whereabouts about what P alliance is doing.

TNO alliance has wiped out 4LM which seemed strong competitor in start. (This war happened earlier but I forgot to mention)

That’s all for whosoever is actively reading this thread. :slight_smile:



Somewhere in the marked region a Battle took place between Yolo and NT and boy Yolo Packed a Punch.

500+ Infantry Dead of NT (During this fight NT was Rank 2 alliance and Yolo was Rank12 alliance) . This loss will really Hurt NT plans of expansion in Africa and they have to fall back and now looks like P is entering south America. Here are the losses of NT.



haha its funny :stuck_out_tongue: … good luck to both teams :smiley:


ayeee hayeee

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That would explain getting themselves trapped going for a conquer if true


Nope. RIP is not playing this era.


Aah I forgot to update…been busy in rl life…sry.

So yeah I m currently on mobile…so can anyone please send the map pls.

Yesterday night 247 alliance took down one of the member of P according to GMT

Also one more colony of P member was taken down by alliance LORA.

NT alliance killed the army of Darius (member of P conquered by LORA)
This was done yesterday.

Just a few ticks ago one more time the remaining army of Darius was taken down by NT.

So this was all about P. They have been surrounded by 3 sides and r killed down slowly.

P earlier managed to enter south Africa and given NT a hard time, but now they r dying fast with so many alliances working on them.

JW Alliance

JW is rank 1 alliance currently.It is fighting with wK and has managed to take down 2 players…killed their army and conquered them.It was a one vs one fight and they have a upper hand in this war.

NOOB alliance

Noob alliance is fighting FtB alliance in Europe. They have managed to take down a member of FtB in Europe.

They r said to have massive army. I got their latest br, but I won’t post it here as it would spoil the fun for some teams.

Also in Europe WAKE alliance is fighting WAN and their sub WANN. Wake managed to conquer WANN guy and kill him off easily.

One of the WAN member relocated as FtB came close to him.

That’s all I was able to capture after studying the map for 20 mins.(It’s hard to read the map from mobile)

If anything is left out please let me know in personal or update it yourself.(If u r not hiding ur identiy in the game)…You identity will remain safe with me and won’t be revealed at all to anyone.

And don’t forgot to update the map pls


Update the map pls :c