E3 Era 97 Tick 720


Does this qualify


I was gonna post it…lol…Tick 984 killed 1 member of EES :slight_smile:

Its tick 985 now…xD


@Claw and @luvraj I guess you should go buy reds again instead of talking here coz ur noob teammates not gonna hold the line for long.

And you can send your 10 squads to sucide as u said earlier.


fighting on forums and bc’s while fighting in an era … thats how it is in old forum…


Latest update

Soon everyone would be wiped out

2 virus also done on the army…it’s over for them…xD


i’m just here to read the comments :open_mouth: :neutral_face:


i miss that old forum… i still visit and check it out from time to time …good old days


HOW?? Tick 995


So the earlier lockdown I showed, the player did not had the balls to take the fight since he got double damaged so he disbanded 300+ vechs.

1 less army to fight xD

See that’s why I keep saying Rip does not deserve the win…they just keep dying and not able to kill 70 squads…hehe…I guess now 30 after killing RIP :smile:

I have seen SGC fight, I have seen ROLF fight, they all r able to win or lose era in max to max 500 ticks when they r equal…And when they have more power era finish much earlier…But here the case is that enemy has surrounded us from all sides…but still not able to defeat us.

Well played RIP and its allies :slight_smile:


NERI got annoyed by RIPo, so they killed Heisenberg :stuck_out_tongue:


I almost not come to the forum … usually those who are losing are crying here.

-Kills from my team. -Escanor





Lol @Willyx I think I mentioned tick 720, now if u want older fights…I could provide u tons.

Only the last one was killed yesterday…remaining 2 was from quite back time…when u boosted 30% of boost bar alone lol


All BRs are welcome for those of us not playing the era. Damn, that 85 squad kill though… its a shame the performance was only 24%, their build meant you could’ve got quite a good fight there I expect


Congrats bro on lasting this long, looks like you are a tough fight! But it sounds like you’re complaining at the same time lol
That you guys havent died yet, and stop comparing RIP to other alliances
The same could be said to you, youve killed all these armies and you still havent won the war? You must have a lot of XP by now
And your side started the war with more power and territory than RIP, or so i read
If everything you say is true, I would boast, not complain
And yea NERI killed me :confused: But not cus i annoyed them, they stabbed RIP, and me, so obv i had to defend, with my 67 tanks, vs 3 members (im alone in AA) and they got me while sleeping oh well! They somehow still managed to lose units, about 200 inf from NERI and 60 vehs from Manevolence
I will be back! With a damage army as powerful as Seaweed’s! :smiley:
With reinforcements too, my members are scattered lol


@Uch nice point…it’s just there r so many teams…we kill 1 team, it’s got covered by other teams…so many fronts can’t be fought at once and at the same time conquer u guys.

You have the power n players, that’s why I m saying …why would I complain lol…I m happy this era has improved my skills a lot more than any other era.


One more down.

It’s now just who died would rebuild and other teams would keep on dying until then.

You know if we even get a single chance we won’t leave ur colony…xD

Just like it happened with Liz…he relocated in Africa thinking it’s safe and it was invaded and his base taken :slight_smile:


dont tempt him lmao, he’ll kill u all


when we push… Louis team call spamers to our hive :stuck_out_tongue: