E3 Era 97 Tick 720


Your just salty you lost

If you have nothing meaningful to comment then please shut your mouth



Dont ruin the game u love fool


@luvraj Whats ur ign in game?


Trojan :slight_smile:


How many times a year does RIP play ?? how do they ruin the game ? xD the teams that play era after era and win are the ones that ruin it like RoFL did.

You guys still lost and RIP won and ofc you would blame it on them having more help lel You lost just move on :slight_smile: Excuses are for losers.

You should go ahead and list every team who “Ruins” the game in another thread perphaps ?? :o

I remember during the CE it was said whoever wins the CE deserves to win the CE. This era isn’t any different.


@Claw I am not crying, I am boasting that I killed over 40 squads(in total) without having any army :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay Boast about killing some “ALL” squads again.

Nobody Cares.





Let’s see RIP are only boosters…they supplied reds, planted teams to battle us…

They know alone they can’t kill us…u r just giving justification coz u r lame.

Ok Claw let’s see, if u think so high of urself then let’s play 1v1…any team u think is for the win vs EEE…U said u killed our squads baby…let’s make it real bd for tricks ehh …I know Claw is a noob and don’t have balls so he won’t agree at all :smile:


Your going to die this era buddy we aren’t going to 1v1 you for one simple reason ur not worth the time

You guys have less then 30 squads and in a few hrs you will all be dead, why should we waste our time in a 1v1 when the outcome has already been decided…

Also no more updates from you okay, they give me headaches


Stop replying here buddy. Nobody wants you here anyways. :wave: bye bye


Just looked in Australia and looks like you have your hands full…

Shouldnt you be more focused on not dying rather then posting…


I got bored killing so many units, needed a side activity to keep the yawns away :wink:
Anyways Since I took all your ops in the area you probably did a satelite scan.
Piece of Advice: Stop wasting res on me, im not even serious yet :slight_smile:


If that really is the way you think the era went I’d suggest you check out my summary on the old forum again because that’s about as large of a stretch of the truth that you can make it. The era started as Rania and allies vs ARM to some extent yes, but then as the era went on you had NJ (SAGE, sort of) independently wanting to go for the win, Iceman and his crew, RDH of course, then you had Moo just headbutting their way in, Gaurav forming a team out of nowhere (it felt like, anyway), halfway through the era Kenny and Colin together with WSS forming two new teams out of backstabbing members from the current big teams trying to go for the win, and then I’m probably still forgetting quite a few of them.

Rania joined us (RDH) sort of near the end, tick 3k-3.5k somewhere I think, but in no way did she keep getting the support from the people that had been on her side from tick 1 lol. We actually had to fight and kill a rebuilt KCA twice after she joined, if I remember correctly.

As for our winning team, we (being the players that were in RDH longest, Andrei, Jan, Predator, Geenstijl, Andy, me) didn’t ask people to plant for us and didn’t rely on friends to stay friendly to us. When that final war ended it was RDH, NJ, RBR and Moo still alive and we were actually counting on either RBR or Moo backstabbing us or both, despite the fact that we were friends with their leaders and many of their members. And I’m pretty sure they, or NJ, would have had we been weaker at that point.

That’s what I think a real era should be like by the way, everyone going for the win as much as they can and forming temporary coalitions against common enemies.


To kill 40 squads you guys with 10 teams pushing managed to achieve it in 10 days…and that too suciding…to kill another 30 you just need a few hours…U r quite hilarious boi…take it from me you cant kill us atleast for another five days…xD.

We not noobs like u…we not suciding…hehe.


Why don’t you join in as thrid party :stuck_out_tongue:
I want to play against a pro for a change… Too many noobs killed already :open_mouth:


@BaBaBaBaBane @Senatus @Excel can you guys please split the other era talks into another thread.It would be easier for players reading e3 thread.


Instead of trash talking why don’t you post some informative content like alliance territories and BRs


sorry for highjacking your thread , i actually stopped posting after system suggested me that i have already replied more than 3 times to a single person (excel) so maybe its time to start using person message . So dont worry i wont be posting here anymore :slight_smile:


in e3 thread you should be informing people about what is going on in the era.
not fighting here also just like you guys do in bcs.