E3 Era 97 Tick 720


ur completely missing the point. if all those players who are in the sub teams planted in teams of their own and went FTW, it would be 1000% more enjoyable for everyone and keep players


thats what we’re saying is bad for the game >.<


Friends also include the 9 other players you play with on an era xD


Friends make the game bad ? :o:

Also no not everyone should go FTW. If you aren’t an active player on a 3 ticker you should not go for the win. Now i don’t think people should just sit and build all era either but that’s just my opinion.


Too many*


Oh okay i was like huh xD


moral of the story:
if people have bad play styles, they should be made fun of and ridiculed
if people make awful mistakes, they should be made fun of and ridiculed
if people are noobs, they should be made fun of and ridiculed
if people promote a play style that kills the game, they should be made fun of and ridiculed.

Peak of the game was when there was more than a dozen teams all FTW on every world. the more competitive this game is, the more enjoyable it is.


Moral of anything youve said:

Less people like you the better


That’s just your opinion though. I found this era to be really enjoyable . Only way you’ll ever see dozens of teams go for win is in CE and even on their the era will look alot like this one but a bit more interesting because their is always a 3rd contender. People see Boosters and get turned off from going FTW on all eras.



i can only maybe agree to the 4rth point , rest top3 is BS , its like being a cyberbully to new players and thats what happening here.

everyone commenting in this topic has been a part of 10 vs 10 alliance wars and this era is no diffrent , people came with 1 main and 1 sub and found allies as the era proceeded , and in these kind of wars even if some alliance randomly attacked RIP or EEE to gain some territory the other side will just blame it as its preset ally. happens on every era the team losing accuses the winning team of having more help and the winning team defend against those accusitions.


hazing is necessary to get people to adapt to a community. not like you have to bully the people into the ground, just tell them they are idiots for doing something. the majority of it should be banter, which it was until you decided to defend yourselves and say the other side was worse.

and dont pretend like both sides arent at fault for having players plant just to help them out. i know that not every single ally was preplanned, but dont take away from the fact that there are a ton of preset relationships.


the CEs looked nothing like this lmao


I haven’t boosted a single token this era, yet. Still killed your booster friend’s armies thrice :stuck_out_tongue:
If I continue to have this success I may just go FTW. All thnx to you :*


yes, how dare someone want a competitive community that relies on their own team’s skill and dedication to win instead of a free for all with no one improving


the CE was much worse lol , people came there with 4-5 pre set teams and remind u here it is 3 man era there it was 10 man era. it was just CE was a 1 ticker where its easy to be active and hence the supporting alliances became greedy as the time passed and some went for win and some were paid as much as 50k reds to change sides and some were threatned that their future eras in BD will be destroyed , can happen here aswell if any of the RIP allies become greedy and attack them.


but there were several teams like that in the CE, it wasnt all for one side or another the entire CE. and from what people from RIP have been saying, they dont want the win at all and the win is going to ES? so shouldnt it be ES allies?


it kinda was , it started as Rania and allies vs ARM and ended as Rania and allies vs ARM , ARM didnt saw much of change in their team , other than 1-2 changes it stayed the same team and allies for 6 months. Rania although changed her team once , but kept getting the support from the people they had been on her side from tick1.


ur not understanding the difference between diplomacy and having your friends and team plant everywhere to help win


Anyways RiP sucks xD and they ruining the game with this.