E3 Era 97 Tick 720


Most of the allies on EEE side became allies after war started we didnt even know most of the guys. Thats nothing but good diplomacy . We were even about to kill the alliances which are allied to us now.
On the other hand, RIP had preplanted teams all across their continent.


Not a family fool. We were only 6 members 2 teams.


So you’re saying you got teams and random players to spam us on every continent with “good diplomacy” ? xD give me a break man that many people don’t do things for free.


Being the guy from AA and seeing how things were going for the first part of the era I’ll say this isnt completely true. People in the alliances that are with RIP now and were already in Asia weren’t always with RIP. Some were actually fighting them, so im not sure where exactly you got your information from.

And for those who think all the alliances working with RIP is their sub, speaking from the view point of TDS. We aren’t their sub, we simply chose to help them because we had a common enemy.


Yeah u r ryt …not all alliances were with them from start.

When war started and they lost armies…they got whole new teams to plant…Rip players who haven’t showed for 3 years came to help claw. And he says he is not playing with rip family…quite amusing.

I think now he would ask for a proof…I would give it dw…adios :slight_smile:


When did i say i was not playing With RIP family tf ??

Also what teams planted ? None we tried to get old rip players to come help but could not get in touch with any. I do wish they did.


Wow…Still need explanation?


Do you not know proper english or something ? I said “I would be the only one on my team THAT IS WITH RIP.” I said i am with them but it is up to you to count me as a RIP member or not. Other 2 members on my team are not RIP players.


Read it again, I do know English.

U Said u didn’t placed with rip until last era. Then how did old bd members showed for ur help…lol?


Everyone knows i have never played with RIP till last era they became my bros. It wasn’t for my help lol And when i say We (rip fam) i mean they because i only know the ones playing this era. Everyone thinks i’m the boss of RIP or something ? :v

I also said that they did not show up. Except the ones that planted at tick 1 from what i know.

Look back in the hall of Fame if you want i have never played any eras with them besides the last one we teamed up.


No one thinks like this except you :laughing: U think so high of urself lol


Lol that makes no sense i am a new rip member. You’re the one saying that old rip players came to help me lol


you dont have to officially be on a team to plant with the sole purpose of helping that team win. and the basis of your argument is not that ur not scummy, its that the EEE side is at fault for doing the same.

but in alfies criticism of the era (which started this whole argument), he calls out both sides for making the state of the game worse, as it now lets lesser players get victories, and doesnt force players to get much better in order to win.

stop trying to just point the finger at the other side, and accept simply what was said at the beginning: both sides are scummy, honorless, and getting people to plant and do things for them. jesus christ the brains on these people


the last paragraph is to both sides


Excel and your point about this era allowing lesser skilled players a chance to win ruining bd is such an elitist way of thinking.

The pros rule the game and conquer all that stand in their path… while the weak are killed off before they can become a nuisance to the strong

You call them noobs, you treat them like noobs and if they act up you nuke them until your satisfied…

Well buddy I got news for you… You and your elitist players are the “Honorless” and “Scummy” reason this game is dying

We have one era where noobs have power and you guys cry like its the end of the world.

Don’t judge others for having fun, you play your eras and let them play theirs.

I have met so many new players this era who in the past wouldn’t even have hoped to be close to top 10 or let alone fighting in a era wide war. You might call these players noobs but I have found them to be active and dedicated. They want to have fun and they are, so stop with your BS and go play with your friends and boost some reds, cuz that’s the only useful thing you and your friends can do to support this game.

We all have two choices…

  1. Continue being toxic and let this game die
  2. Be apart of the solution and help new players learn this game

Hope you all choose option 2, because i sure do love this game and would hate for it to end…


I don’t think anyone’s calling them noobs. Just calling them scum who are shit at the game. Last era you gangbanged 2 people with like 5 teams. This era you have 6-7+ teams. You don’t get to accuse anyone, no wonder highly respectable players who have been around for years, of “killing the game” when you’re promoting that sort of play.
Claw is even boasting about having the most kills (5k kils and 3k losses at almost tick 1000 is nothing to be proud of lmfao) due to how many times he’s suicided…

Learn how to… build up and endlessly suicide? Learn how to plant as spammers and gangbang people?
4E used to do that in F3 every single era, it completely killed the competition on one of the best servers. T did it in M3, and M3 literally got shut down because it was so dead by the end. HINI has done that the last 2-3 eras in E2 and look at E2 now.
Get real Luvraj, that’s bullshit and you know it. For every one member of these shite families that remains interested in the game because they enjoy gangbanged any enemies, it puts off 3 others who decide they can’t be bothered to deal with that sort of BS.


You think ketan has a family?

Lmao I thought every player hated him xD


Last era we didn’t do anything we fought your buddies for 9 hours and they gave up. Sadly RIP and company could not beat them without us so me and Luvraj had to step in and finish the era. We went to the era to have fun but i couldn’t help myself and decided to go for the win. I was even willing to kill RIP at one point but they became my friends. We only played with them for 9 hours last era against your buddies it’s not like me and Luvraj had them plant with us.

So many other teams do it so why even complain about it at this point. Weren’t you at the Last CE when Rania brought like 8 teams ??

I personally only play 1-2 times a year so i’m not the one to blame here i’m not going to sit there and say don’t plant we have enough people bro at tick 1. Game is dead and dying.

Ya’ll take this game too serious.


I am in no way a highly skilled or respected player lmao, but i got attracted to this game because of the high skill cap at the top (and sometimes mid) levels of play. in most cases in this game, you only win if you are more knowledgable about the game, have more dedication, or outplay your opponent. Anything that shines a good light on mediocracy ruins the game. if you want people to improve in the game, you have to have a culture where only the best are championed.

I got wrecked in my first dozen or two eras i ever played. it was still fun, but gradually made me a better player. this isnt the only era that noobs have ever dominated, and wont be the last. However noobs deserve to be made fun of, as it is the only way they will know they should get better, and not rely on an armada of teams to get you a win.

Not like we should be endlessly cruel to noobs all the time. thats why we have BDA, to have veteran players help them out, but dont expect people to be nice to them when eras like this happen.

and ive never boosted reds lol



You only win if you have friends