E3 Era 97 Tick 720


Without having any insight into the rest of this era and the way it’s being played; Can we just all stop doing the “helping friends win” thing? It’s honestly ruining Battledawn so much and is such an incredibly pathetic way to win. Bring a team to an era, play your best, do diplo ingame and have fun playing against friends. Not this pathetic “gotta help friends win so they’ll help me out in turn”. Seriously, what is the value in even winning like this? All it proves is that you’re not able to win by yourself and with your own team but that you need to resort to not even diplo but calling in favors to win an era.

Sure, it might win you the era, but it’s a hollow victory. Congratulations on not being a good enough player to win on your own merit, yay right? If you’re playing an era, go for the win. If your being friends with someone depends on you helping them in eras and them helping you in turn you’re not friends.


I’m guessing this applies to both sides correct? EEE also did the samething. They had multiple teams helping them win and were rank 1 throughout most of the era. 2 continents worth of cons and 200 power ahead of our team. We were the underdogs this era and alot of our teams didn’t do much.


everyone writing here do realize its a 3 man era ?? , maybe people had 10 people set but then admin made it a 3 man era but they still stuck around helping each other so in the end they can decide which 3 out of those 10 win ?? , makes sense ??


E3 has not been full size teams in years, ofc they weren’t expecting that. Oh hey, another active BD topic!


Claw is right in regards to RIP not playing serious and not going for the win…

Everyone labeling RIP team as the main alliance while others are our subs but in actuality we are not even close to a main team…

Yes we suicided but only once and honestly it was in an effort to end this joke of an era, I am done with it and have been done with it for over a week, the only reason I continue to play it is because Claw is playing.

Now tell me this has no other big alliance suicided this era… Aura… MEX

No one said a word when they did it but since its the evil rip with 1000 subs all the keyword worriers come out of their moms basements …

We did our share of diplo this era and gained allies not apart of the Rip family and thats why we have more allies

IF you were to look at Ketans family vs Rip family without adding the diplo allies we made then it is a even fight, it isnt our fault no one likes ketan…

So can everyone please just let this era play out

Looking at you especially Louis you are so biased to one side and should no longer be giving updates in this thread… Please stop with your BS updates


I’m sure they have multiple teams helping them win, if they’re any smart. Those could be friends they asked to plant and help them, or they could be actual teams that they did diplomacy with to get them on their side. If it’s the first, then sure it applies to their side too. If it’s the latter, then all the best to them.

My point is that people being proud over “helping friends win” is dumb.

You see the difference? If they are players on your side and they’re trying to get them to their side, that’s doing good diplomacy. Those people are already placed and didn’t place FOR them, of course you’re going to try and get them on your side in this case.

That is completely different from asking people to plant for you with the understanding that you’ll do the same again for them on another era, which is literally what you’re saying you’re doing.

If you are playing for another team to give them the victory then you ARE a sub. The fact that they will be your sub again next era doesn’t change things, it just means that next era you are the main alliance and they are a sub. Them playing for you on other eras doesn’t make it impossible for you to be a sub.


how many man era was E3 95??


Why have you never chimed in when other major alliances bring in 20 players and have 3 subs and 2 brother alliances? but i agree with you to a certain extent
RIP is minute in comparison tho

But i do agree, i hate when friends wont fight friends, and vote on rank, ive seen t owk and lool not fight some eras because they are friends, im not complaining about them being friends, im complaining about not seeing some cool wars
That would be awesome


No clue, but if it was that’s like the annual exception


Last era we gangbanged your friends Alfie but this era was different it was Family vs Family an all out world war in every continent .

We all planted this era because we won last era but we were not planning to go for the win. ES said they wanted to win the era early on so yeah idc i will help my friends win and be proud to do it.

And as Uch said there are so many other teams who do the samething. EEE was no different they didn’t use good Diplomacy they just had their friends there to back them up. As i said only 3-4 teams are full of RIP players the others were made during the era so can’t really say we just planted a whole bunch of people either.

I would have not had to suicide if EEE didn’t handicap my team. All our battles were 2 v 3 yet me and Trajan still got the most kills on the server. Yes they are mad about it but it’s not my fault they decide to sleep right next to me. Earlier in the era they came to ES hive and sLEPT there… got nuked and ran -_- a team like that deserves the win ? i don’t think so.

This era has been fun and that’s what matters but people want eras to be played a certain way i see. That’s BD for you a game where you have the freedom to play with your friends , help your friends and backstab your friends. But hey whatever Ketan loses.


You’re right, both sides are as guilty as other using scummy tactics, you guys have just been more successful at it. And yeah, it’s definitely been an entertaining era. No one’s denying that - 2 big families fighting across the map is great. It’s just the standard of gameplay here has been through the floor


6x6=36 7x6=42 Whered your maths go? If its 6-7 teams its about 20 squad per team…or am i tripping?


20 squads per team, 3 man teams, 6 squads each, where’d your maths go


I have 10 squads maybe i should suicide those also :wink:


I would just update the forum one more time…dw U can scum talk then…Just wait for 10 hrs xD

I would show all the possible ingame diplo, all skype chats…then let every bd player decide was it family or ingame presence.


You’re not updating you’re just being a EEE fanboy and not talking about the era from a nuetral standpoint and in 10 hours you going to post lots of defense for the other side ? How pathetic you should of not been the one to make this topic.


Ehh, yay boy right maybe someone should have made this topic before tick 720.

I m in EEE, why should I not defend it boi?

You kept talking about facts…let me give u facts now…want it one by one or in one go…lol


Now you mention you’re in EEE xD You must be the talkative member in the bunch. You got so many facts wrong in this forum so all credibility is gone. 99.9% of RIP players don’t even use the forum xD And i’ll be the last person to care :v


RIP boosted a lot and they arent FTW? damn …


I’ve had people threaten to boost 10k to kill me earlier in the era. Going for the win isn’t the only reason that people boost.