E3 Era 97 Tick 720


No need just end the era!


Seems like enough fun for one era…lol


When the RIP alliance are too greedy lmao


Yes the era was awesome login to skype i sent u something about rip there


you do not have to explain anything claw, every player who can give token does it, otherwise BD would not exist,

Some players come here to try to do what they did not achieve in BD.

and thank you , :wink:


Guess you couldn’t achieve thanking Claw in BD


Ni borracho leere todo eso :V


and now the end for fun JW nhahnah



so they did it 2nd time in a row , will there be a 3rd time ??


if theres gonna be a 3rd then i surely will play.
lemme know




The next era finally starts in next 10 minutes. hope everyone is placed firmly to see a much more exciting era.

Bane just bragging about his position in e3…Nice spot you got buddy.


Hi Guys… Just filling my 20 characters :wink:


Btw @BaBaBaBaBane You got a wreck below you… Now it would be shameful if someone else take its :stuck_out_tongue: