E3 Era 97 Tick 720


You tried to Bribe PAGE to be on your side and join the war even tho it was too late by then you guys had already lost.

Pretty sure when i said that Page was not even relevant.

“A ninja must see through deception.”

Also ofc there is a difference . You account shared. You got banned. Simple as that. Zeno got banned right along with you.


My dear @Claw:
Waaooh I almost believed you!!
But then a little birdie told me some secrets (with evidence :stuck_out_tongue:)
It all began from here
Soon it progressed to this
If you had only offered that to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Anyways, as time passed you got louder
And that is how I now know the truth about you :open_mouth:
Piece of Advice:
Don’t lie to me, I have a lot of bird friends :stuck_out_tongue:

Ps. Don’t talk about my ban unless you want more birdies to get involved.


this thread lmao

so much drama :frowning:


@Claw trust me i can be your man :smiley: lmao


Yep i did bribe them never actually denied it so where exactly did i lie ? :stuck_out_tongue:

You were being a pest in australia and ALL didn’t get the job done fast enough :stuck_out_tongue:

In the end no actual transaction happen :o and ALL /LCG ended up getting the job done. I would have done it myself but i was on the other side of the world when you took Australia from us.

In the end i have multiple screenshots of EEE bribing people with reds would you like me to show them ? :slight_smile:

Also those 130 reds were for a gas boost so don’t take that out of context buddy. I never sent him reds to kill you you must have scared the poor fella :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not like MEX were paid to get involved into the war right ? xD

That might not have anything to do with you but the people you fought for certainly did alot of bribing this era for reds. Very small amount from my side and 0 transactions :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheating vs Bribing hmm whats worse ?



Ok I believe you … … … Wait what :open_mouth:
So you made a deal about killing us and those 130 reds were pre-paid?
hmm :confused:

Seems like a believable case to me :joy:
Being a pest?
ALL completely died twice, pests don’t do that :wink:
And yeah i fought for no one :expressionless: except myself ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue:
So lets discard this one :slight_smile:
Fighting “with” is another stroy overall :stuck_out_tongue:

Lies! Lies! and more Lies!
Those are the worst :triumph:


ahhhhhhhhhhhh and here I thought bribing was a bannable offence? Looks like we have a classic cheaters vs cheaters here, smh


I don’t understand why you keep talking man…

Like you clearly got banned, claw did not.

Maybe you just wanted to show off your awesome paint skills or something but dude no one really cares about you…

Go spend your time getting good at the game rather then cheating…

And don’t say you won this or that many battles cuz vs me you got your ass kicked… or do i need to remind you what happened when you and tactician faces me early in the era…


Early era we did not even try, are you really convinced that someone you can’t kill when he has no conquers and only a few fleets could have been beaten so easily when both these things were in his favour.
It is quite clear that we were not even trying. I literally parked my army on my colony and wnt off for 500 ticks or so :confused:.
As I said before you are not needed here so bye bye :wave::wave:


As i said before the 130 reds were for a gas boost. Nobody would risk an entire era for themselves for 130 little reds lmao.

@Faker Sadly it’s not bannable otherwise EEE would have been banned 3x over.

But this guy is just wasting my time. In the end no transaction happened. He got banned. And i killed those guys.

I tried to befriend that guy and sent him 130 reds bc he needed gas. thats all if you actually knew me it’s not that rare for me to help my buddies out.



Do you mean helping you buddies or making buddies by helping? … lol


Who cares which ?? WHy do you talk so much man the era is ending. I’m pretty sure in a week nobody is going to care about this era.


No they wont, because a shit team won, but that is still cheating, and a bannable offense


A well thrill packed era was seen in dead bd.
It doesnt matter in the end who won, who lost, who did greater Diplo.

I do hope we see more such eras from now on.

I would like to appreciate everyone’s good work.
@Claw and @Mutharib_Ayub I would like both of you to let go this war on BC.

Hard work from both sides appreciated.

I heard next E3 is gonna be more thrilled than this one. A lot of Teams are going to plant.I have heard a lot of old players coming back for an era.i would not disclose anything for now.

I hoped I had enough time to play another era.
Hope everyone have a good time battling:)


I also thought it was a banable offense i guess it depends on the admin. Which team was not shit this era?


i dont think feeding reds to your allies is a bannable offence. many people do that


Who ever said that it was a bannable offense anyway? :confused:


idk if u guys were seen , but there have been eras where people had rate cards , something like this :

05 red for each jam , 03 red for each spam , 10 reds for each squad killed with proof. 100 reds for killing a whole player etc etc …

and then who can forget those 50k reds paid on CE2 to change sides. i mean although its bannable to pay someone to change sides but still people can get away with it. Cause eventually the company is making good money with these sort of things.


Mhmm, I m busy to play whole eras…But I could work with this rate card lol.


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