E3 Era 97 Tick 720


Why would i put our armies on the forums? :man_facepalming:


Haha lol nice army :v


You don’t even know what my army is, you don’t see me in that br :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice ME army xD not u army


Thought you were replying to me :stuck_out_tongue:


Showing complete br?
See the battle reports ur team sent

Your friend:
“Why would i put our armies on the forums? :man_facepalming:
Learn from him! :slight_smile:

Who are you anyways? :confused:

Guess Suicide is in your blood, even against a banned player :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol you brag about killing 4 squads. You’re a joke and a cheater. #LittleLostYourLost :stuck_out_tongue:


ask him, i guess he was talking bout f3


I did not kill them :slight_smile:
They came to die while I was banned.

Conclusion, I don’t even need to play to cut holes in you guys :stuck_out_tongue:


The fact that you’re banned and still lingering on the forum is proof that you really don’t have a life. Just because you were banned and unable to move doesn’t mean you didn’t kill 4 irrelevant squads.


Bruh you’re so fucking toxic. Take your sad 12 sub having ass to bed. You’re wack as shit and the fact that you’re still posted on the forums talking shit to new players with more potential than you is discouraging.


Sad, if only my vacations were not ending I would have played against you again and brought some friends this time.

Don’t worry tho, I won’t do that so no need to be scared. :wink:


I can’t really be scared man i have a life and don’t dedicate my life to this game. Also Jazz take your toxic ass somewhere else. I have never said shit to you and stop defending cheaters and i don’t have 12 subs. If that were the case yesterday i almost got into war with one of my own 'subs" ? I guess you could argue i have 1 sub but not really they just changed their tag to be similar to ours. Even though my tag is just a place holder.


why i need lost my time whit a banned player in a finished era, just a cheater , not deserve my time


I didn’t know Jazz had such a soft spot…for cheaters :confused: I can see why ps liked the post


Bla bla bla… (I need 20 character) xD


There is difference b/w being banned and cheating.
1vs12 (later changed to 5vs14 due to ingame diplo) is quite unfair still doesn’t count as cheating but is discouraging as Jazz said.
Being banned means you broke a rule and cheating is just one of the rules, so get your knowledge straight.

Life, life, life!
Stop saying that after replying to me 30 seconds after i send you msg ingame.
You really gotta take a break man. Go make that word a reality :slight_smile:
Do us all a favour :wink:


is your math alright buddy?
my little sister can count better than that.
how did it become “5” vs “14” huh?
just open the alliances and let someone else around you count.:roll_eyes:


Well I just used the initial number and added 2 to it as EES was initially neutral early era (50 to 150 ticks) and later joined you and PAGE was bribed against us by Claw.
Guess that’s 1 and 2 if my math is right :slight_smile:

Funny thing is that the bribing happened during the days when Claw said



i like this guy “@Mutharib_Ayub:joy::joy::joy: