E3 Era 97 Tick 720


@abdul007 I have screenshots

So please shut your mouth and go play 50 dead eras

Like look at your log in screen… Your basically on every era…

Anyways You threatened Trinoid I have the proof but im not going to post it

Hopefully you learn from this and change your ways… and maybe then the whole BD community will stop hating you


@Luvraj go ahead post it noob u coward


bringing dozens of support teams to win an era but still cant win lmfao
u should quit bd man


and u telling me i am on every era yes i am wtf is wring with you eh?
my account whatever i do go ■■■■ off


Naa id rather not…

Dont want more attention on Trinoid

Im not apart of Rip family… claw is and im his friend so im in his alliance

Dude you have some anger problems get yourself some help.



well now you are crying tch tch tch dont worry happens :slight_smile:


Fam when are you qutting BD because of those “health problems” lol


I don’t understand Abdul…he talks like he is supported by many.


Good Job dude



ps said you and panthet died that era :joy:


you most show a complete BR , cheater , why are you banned???, and you have a big mouth man, you need say all things, dont forget i quit 150 or more ops from all your alliance 1 day whit just 6 ships vs 30 , yes, you see all my spam and you get to your colony scared and you cant defend nothing, the 2th day when we fight , yes i died, because i dont play for nothing i just want see a BR and have a battle, you dont know how play BD you just have a big mouth, ask to your team for the new BR :smiley:




NWO, they talk a lot, but underestimating an opponent is expensive, look now without an army, Predator you think PRO, but you forget that there are better players than you


heh i didnt play this era, whats he talking about


When you know Alfie destroyed you so you constantly tag him telling him he’s jealous, 200 IQ rebuttal



Well, that happened


these builds :pensive:


Yeh ikr poor :stuck_out_tongue:


Show ur fucking loses too