E3 Era 97 Tick 720


They did have to sacrifice a ton of reds though for the ‘fun’


Better , Tactisoft made some good money on the other hand aswell. what else do u need a happy customer paying u nicely.


After seeing ask those BRs I don’t understand how RIP still won cuz all those BRs show RiP loosing 90% or 100% of their army against EEE subs

Still they win?


in the end all the players are happy for such an amazing era and the game is happy for being benefited with money.
all’s well that ends well


I didnt use any reds…

Its called having lots of conqs and rebuilding with low overhead


The only people i lost squads to were ME and EEE. We had plenty of brs killing their subs but not worth showing kills on irrelevant teams.


I am not fucking playing why dont you understand???


heres the proof
i would have fucked u up if i was playing u are lucky i have other eras :slight_smile:


Hahaha why are you so jealous man?


i agree with rafay lmao


well, before m2 started we ve mentioned on several groups about we playing it, cant do a shit if people scared to play against.


@Alfie i even told you guys i was gonna play mars 2 come there eh?
When teams like SGC play some dead era then it isnt a dead era but when others try to play it it becomes a dead era


:joy::joy::joy::joy: one more time please


bd is dead and everyone knows.


E3 stands as a testimony of it not being dead.


Yea i agree with you this E3 wasnt dead but accusing me for playing the era and threatening my guy thats lame af. #Cowards


Yes you challenged us, that doesn’t mean we have to play. You got crushed on F3, immediately trying to challenge us for another go in another server is pathetic. Threatening to kick a ‘friend’ from your eras because his own choices in another era that you aren’t playing is pathetic. And no, I am really, absolutely, definitely not jealous of you


@Faker teri leli :joy: lmao


yes you are really completely absolutely definitely jealous of me noob


what are u on about 20chrs