E3 Era 97 Tick 720


if all of those teams with large power scores are happy to just put in so much effort with no reward at the end, then yea its BS


And if some of those teams were already aiming for top 10 alliances or whatever from the beginning?
Im one of those, i aimed for top 10 alliances since the beginning of the era but no i didnt choose to help RIP because theyd help me get there. I got there on my own last E3, i just chose to be apart of the era this time rather than doing nothing really like last era.


You’re right, i love throwing my army at the enemy numerous times to earn my 250 blues


Does my army seem dead to you or has ever been dead?


No clue, I’m not individually following everyone. Balace of probability was yes, because noobs have been suiciding into each other left right and centre this era


You’re right noobs from Aura,Mex , and ST suicided on AK/ES(The real RIP) :slight_smile:

Yet we suicided and still have pretty much the most power on the server.

-----(not for Alfie -v

Also the preplanning ? Yep i totally knew that the teams would be of 3 players haha and yep 24 hours is totally enough time time to gather that many teams for an era.

WHy waste my time saying which teams were planned and which weren’t ? We did not plant with the intention to win (RIP teams as a whole). We came for random fun and there are 24 rip players in RIP whatsapp chat. ( not all played)

So at tick one NFLM,ES,RIP,and ROCK planted. Also LCG our random inactive team in the chat.

We didn’t bring Liz and his team.
We didn’t bring TDS
We didn’t bring YOLO
We didn’t bring SCPS(worthless allies)

Also even if we did WHO TF CARES. You are free to bring 30 teams if you want to it’s not against the rules.Nobody is forcing you to play against people who do that crap. If you went to play on Galaxy a few years back and you saw TK with their 6 subs and decided to still play for the win and lose that is your fault.

Alfies friends were more of a challenge they played well against multiple teams at once.

WHat did EEE do ? They kept there army always together and ddin’t know how to fight on multiple fronts. EEE went to AK hive after Mex suicided then slept in their hive and got nuked… are you serious…?? they ran with their 1 hp armies and still went to sleep again in africa and got killed and had to rebuild.

Our buddies in ALL lost hella squads to NWO. And they rebuilt. DId Aura rebuild ? no they gave up and gave their cons to EEE. Did WON rebuild ? nope they gave up too. Did MEX rebuild ? barely they went back and sent there 8 little squads lol

EEE said this would be a long era yet didn’t bother to play as if it was one. They failed to keep their people motivated to rebuild and not give up. That is why they lost because their teams gave up!!!

I told them long eras are RIP specialty yet they let their teams give up.

They had us spammed in every continent yet all the spammers failed why?? bc they didnt play like a team each one would login spam logout , login and find themselves dead.

Remember the CE PHI subs always rebuilt and lasted 4k ticks. But i get it sometimes its not worth the time to keep fighting for some random allies you meet during the era.

Stop complaining we win EEE loses for giving up. GG end of story.


Seeing as the war with EEE is coming to a close I thought I would post a few BRs from battles I was apart of…

I will also give a brief explanation of events leading up to the battles (Claw & Trinoid, you guys are nubs :P)

Tick 498

Rip has invaded AA and is pushed ME alliance back to the portion of AA right above Africa

After a failed attempt to Trap ME army while they were doing a long eta Move. Me decides to retreat further west with another ETA 10 move, Claw and I follow landing one tick after they had landed, unfortunately for us it was getting late almost 4am for claw… He decided to take a nap and due to a failed alarm clock did not wake up…

This left his army easy pickings for ME who quickly took advantage of the situation attacking us, I was left hopelessly trying to call claw on skype and whats app to no avail… the result was the battle below :confused:

Tick 519

After losing my army the night before i wake up to see Trinoids army locked down and attacked by the remains of the ME army that killed us + reinforcements… Fortunately they were unable to use their agents to damage Trins veh. Seeing as their attack was ETA 2 we had to act fast gaining resources through claw and trin I was able to rush 6 squads of veh in my TB allowing us to gain a small victory from another slaughter… After this battle I was left with 6 workers :smiley:

Tick 677

After Pushing ME out of AA and gaining a very small foothold In SA we were met by a regrouped ME army

After adding my agent to our op and claw failing to add SP or his agent we were locked down and suicided on by ME (Note I am not placing sole blame on claw for this blunder as i could also have added SP to the op)

ME realizing their army would not be enough to kill our forces got ED from EEE to make a TB and rush some Armor and Damage to aid them in the battle resulting in our army being completely destroyed while ME limped out with less then 3 squads, which were killed the next tick by a TDS army that capitalized on the lockdown (Unfortunately I dont have this BR)

Tick 738

Won alliance who we had just made peace with decided to backstab less then 24 hours after…

While Joker was making a long ETA move down from SA to link up with luckys army we were able to trap him and kill his army before lucky could support him

Tick 816

After pushing back into SA we were met by a small force of units lead by Ed

While he was making a ETA 3 move to get closer to us he supposedly went to sleep and I was able to capitalize on his mistake.

Tick 909

This is the last major battle we had with EEE

I would like to explain something that might be in a few of your minds before i give the reason for our suicide in this final battle…

If you guys did not notice but almost all the battles we were in were 2v3 the reason for this is because Trinoid was forced to stay out of the majority of the war by PS…

PS threatened to kick Trinoid from their other eras F2 (Where they basically had the win) and M2

Due to these restrictions Claw and I has had enough…

With claw leading the charge and ensuring me that we would win the battle we started our attack.

However a last minute placed TB with a few rused armor squads quickly turned our victory into a loss

Here is the battle ( I was not very happy with claw after this lol)

Well thats everything guys

Hope you enjoyed the read and thanks to ME and EEE for the fun era, It didnt go how I wanted it to and I wish i performed better then I did but all things considered it was a blast

Thanks :smiley:


the majority of criticism heaped on you is not in favor of EEE, its just that u kept defending your awful play. It’s not saying EEE was good, because they weren’t. its saying both of yall are bad lmao


Why did you help EEE just wondering


was hoping to get a placement spot in a top 3 alliance. if they didnt give me one, i would have fought or died to get one :smiley:


Well done on that big write up Luvraj, and respect for being willing to show even the shit losses you guys had. But I agree with @Excel; @Claw stop defending such obviously terrible gameplay… Or at the very least don’t make it out to be amazing or something worthy of boasting about.
Entertaining era! Let’s see if ketan’s relic shenanigans go to plan. Something tells me not…


I agree with everyone, we for sure didnt play very good, made very bad moves, slept on ops, no SP Ect. It was a very messy war, but a fun one in the end GGs.


there we go! all i was looking for! GG


Has to be said, wasnt our best performance :stuck_out_tongue:


If EEE member (PS who claimed he wasn’t playing) allowed my member to actually play instead of just watch we wouldn’t of had so many shitty losses :c

How could we play our best without 1 member in the war -_-

No point in even aiming for the win being handicapped by the other team.

Still i had alot of fun with Luvraj.


@Claw, for once I agree with you. Well done for persisting, even with the threat of being kicked from other worlds hanging over your head @Trinoid . That isn’t what friends do, btw. Don’t play with someone who threatens you with that. @abdul007, you are truly pathetic. Constantly intervening in other peoples’ eras whilst you either BOAT on dead ones or lose to proper teams.

Trinoid, find yourself a better group buddy, friends aren’t friends if they only like you for helping them


Luckily I ignored him in the end, I was technically attacking our family so I see where he is coming from in that part, but I just told him I wanna do my own shit and then things went a lot smoother


I still like playing with him tho tbh, even tho he doesn’t have the best past, he’s a nice guy, but we’ll see what happens in the future.


The era aint over yet, we never give up :stuck_out_tongue:


so u guys played era chilling sleeping and without going through sleepless nights and still had tons of fun and probably killed a million troops of each other. Now i see why everyone on E3 was enjoying the era. Goodjob on having fun :slight_smile: