E3 Era 97 Tick 720




Congratulations RIP family you have finally taken Aussie back after sending sub after sub and getting killed a few times :stuck_out_tongue: .
You finally figured out that sending two alliances at once may just work :laughing:

Enjoy it while you can :wink:


Neri banned :open_mouth:


i cant be in all places to kill all alliances :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: we kill like 130 fleets from your subs in 3 days


Finally EEE has been taken down. Let’s see if ES alliances goes for rank 1, since RIP said is their sub :stuck_out_tongue:


there are way more alliances in the RIP coalition than there are spots to get tokens this era. wonder who will fight for a spot


500ticks to win a war
after a lot of help and boost
you finally did it nubs


haha so you admit your dozens of subs are pretty much useless except suiciding?


Stacking relics guys…


Guess we will have to see if admin will move them


Someones Scared…xD

When u keep planting my helpers in the game then why u afraid…lol


I guess dani would be sorting out lol.


im trying to provoke people to fight for spots to make the era interesting lol


LoL, I guess era wont finish till its last tick…We r too nice to let rip have it their way.

So keep atleast 2-3 spots for us too…xD

Luvraj is so shaken up like what to do hehe…Let me give u a free advice, whyy not u sucide, like u guys keep doing xD


if i were playing i would be farming xp units in the background and while other were fighting.


Love to see myself Red on others screen xD


Yeah… the red smoke of a ban, usually


The relic will be dealt with.

Era is over and you guys are just being annoying now… ever think maybe this is the reason no one likes you guys…

Well lets just play the game


there are 13 alliances with over 200 power, and not a single one has over 300 power. You cannot possibly claim that RIP coalition wasn’t a bunch of pre-planned teams if not a single one of those alliances doesnt try to fight for a top spot lmao


Nice seeing you around bud.


Need i explain again that TDS along with others weren’t initially with RIP until somewhere in the era?
You are just making a bunch of wrong assumptions. In the end it was a lively and fun era for those who were apart of it, regardless of who lost and who won everyone did quite well.