E3 Era 97 Tick 720


Hello everyone,

This is the most interesting era going on BD for now ! Its tick 720 and war has not ended till now.

It feels like war started eons ago. I could not resist bringing this era in forums.Its quite late but a lot going on.Hope you enjoy this thread. And I would keep it alive for everyone…xD


Alliance map please!


BD is currently not working properly.I would upload it soon.


This is the current world map !


The current war is going on between right side alliances and left side alliances.

A small brief about which team is on which side.

So curently EEE, MEX, ME have teamed up from NA and SA.
A few while ago WON alliance also joined EEE family.

On the other side we have RIP, EES, NFLM, ALL, TDS, ES, LCG, HAHA, O, YOLO.

Around few 50 ticks back NFLM, EES, YOLO, LCG,TDS have infiltrated from South america and is giving a hard time to EEE. Before that a huge battle was fought in between ME and RIP alliances in which RIP army died completely making them set back. Which gave other alliances space to move inside.

Meanwhile a battle was fought in Greenland between MEX and ALL in which ALL became victorious giving EEE family a hard time from that side too.

Fort of SA and GL was being holded for 200+ ticks which has now broken off.

EEE has huge power with themselves and huge armies but they are still facing too many alliances at once. Lets see who is going to win this battle finally.

Seeing the enthusiam I think battle would go for for next 300-400 ticks.

Lastly I would like to thank Nova whos BC gave me the idea of making this thread.


its more colourful then E1 good job everyone and all the best


So Many spammers against us (RIP) its annoying Ketan is a noob paying all these people to fight us. They have 2 continents full of cons and there power is bigger so ofc we have to use more teams to fight them.

anyway let me add a pic from Last night Rank 2 team Mex died last night

Also can you get banned for offering reds ingame I thought that you could!
Damn :v


i dont think u get banned for offering reds unless u actually pay them :stuck_out_tongue:


Damn i could get EEE banned :slight_smile: i could easily have any of my friends accept their offer


but at the sametime i been sending my FRIENDS reds too but that’s different :stuck_out_tongue:

whatever going to kill them either way. THey are in SA right now dancing around

while we get spammed in Africa and Australia by full squads :v

Just jam all our colonies on world chat :v


i dont think ketan is paying anyone to fight against you why does this always come up its a game man it happens in eras deal with it instead of accusing someone of paying players (he never even bought a single red in his life) and you expect him to pay people thats lame dude really lame.


ill refer to all of EEE as Ketan. WHoever this “Eddy” is has already admitted to paying players reds to attack us. Paying people for that is LAME.


im not playing the era not even planted just telling well maybe youre right someone in his team might be doing but cant be ketan ffs hahaha


Yeah you’re probably right but still if someone on his team is doing it he should be banned. After all these years and never buying 1 red ? Tha’s just sad.


Claw my darling i love the way u talk xD
10 alliances againest us but still losing hehe


Here is how claw died :slight_smile:



Updates :

A new alliance came into existence called NuB and took control of almost 80% of South Africa. The leader of NuB is the former player of alliance GIRL.

Due to constant fights with EEE and NuB taking control of Africa, EES alliance ran back to save Africa. It seems like some good news to EEE .

No major fights today, just a few squads of Tsubasa got killed and they r said to be XP units.

Regarding the banning thing, MEX also got offer from one of the rip teams.I do not have the complete info about it. Once I gather it I would let everyone know and if possible I would put up ss too.


What do you mean died tho ? aura died Mex died but im still alive noob stop saying im dead when im still in top13prettyh sure i got plenty of screenshots of you dying whoever you are.


@Claw let’s not say about who’s noob because ur army died twice. Once in AA and once on tip of SA…both time by ME alliance.

You can be ranked in top 13 coz of boosting so much reds. I bet bd is making a lot of money this era.

Sorry to say but you have rank 2 to rank 7 team with you. And many more.

And you speaking about rank, see ketan’s players ranked 1 and 2. If so, they should get rank 1 and 2 medal as well.


Ill actually make a list later on of whos with who . Also im not playing to win. And again if his army has also died twice how can he be talkimg about my army dying ??


Claw you got spare reds ? :'D