E3- Era 90- Relics in South Africa!


WHY IS this song in General Discussions?

Read the title :slight_smile:

Hope the relics manage to be in the place they’re supposed to be this time, South Africa doesn’t mean South America


LoL , I hope this one is as interesting as the old one :smiley:

If its Tom admining, you might want to get a base in Russia. For all we know he might drop some relics there

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Relics out at tick 100 please :smiley:

Where is that SGC hybrid alliance? Or the PLO/Psi/t alliance? I am here in E3 looking to get obliterated again
Romeo? ICEMAN? Sakrie? Ketan? ppwardjabdla? :frowning:

Fairly sure you asked me to liberate you last era, then blocked me in game



"Notice I did not include you in the “conquer me next e3 for 3k reds” competition cus I’m not about to just hand you 3k reds Eff that, I saw your performance this last m2, I’m Gucci"
I almost forgot i said that, you tried to sneak one past me aye

What, me? No! I would never

not even 1k? :wink:

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When we play an era together, hehe

Relics in the right place this time, I promise! Worst case, I might miss slightly and drop one on Lesotho


Alliance territories tick 230, PLO is back, even tho he claimed he wouldn’t be.
ALV in the lead with NA, and SA under their control. No competing alliances.
ELT have been fighting ir and TT since era start. ELT based in EU, and TT with players in South Africa and Asia.
ELT owned half of Africa, before the unsuspecting ALV invaded from Europe and Africa. Now it is ALV and TT vs ELT
Can ELT hold out?
Are ALV and TT working together? Or do they both just have a common goal?

How many members per alliance?

7 is the max alliance size this era
Tick 260!

ex TT members leaves to join ELT
odds dont look so bad for ELT now, having a majority control of Asia
ELT still getting pushed from Western Europe, Africa, and Saudi.
Find out on the next week’s episode of, Dragon Ball Z.

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tick 314
ELT lost 3 armies today, Ultra Instinct/Ravenous/Teletubbytha
ALV has retagged to adfa
PLO claims Seaweed from TOF stabbed him
Seaweed states any alliance that harbors PLO will be dealt with in a savage manner

BR of adfa vs ELT

I gander that mix ELT army was due to the new former TT members?

can u please post br and map pics like this next time , no big deal just saves the time of clicking on links while going throw whole topic :blush: , Thanku

New former member is Just Me, and he wasnt in BR, mix chassis was just sloppy leadership.
Also i forgot to mention about 150 of those inf were already virus damaged
also PLO has joined TT, things are about to get more interesting!
@BaBaBaBaBane yea no prob i sent you a PM