E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


who hasn’t trajic asked to plant and spam? He even asked me.


we have a very strict rule of no shit talking unless shit talked, its been a fun era so far and it seems it will continue for a while. TO gaining a lot of respect for not giving in when the era got real tough on them. Gotta respect that.


Nice place this.

Please to meet you all. It’s just a game, TBH.
Don’t let it take over the humane side of you.



we all already too nice for a war game


However I don’t see you banned Carter for your Hebrew message to PLO about the stick up his ass.
Also just saying what can I expect from a Jew to a player flying the Israeli flag doesn’t seem so offensive. If a Japanese player stabbed me and I said “what can I expect from a jap” I highly doubt we would see a ban. There shouldn’t any special treatment towards Jews who feel slighted by a bit of banter. I’ve seen far more actual offensive things said without bans.


My message to PLO had nothing to do with the fact he was Palestinian tho, if you actually know me you’d know I don’t give a damn about that. It’s just easier to say in hebrew that he was being cocky about not letting anyone go near him but building outposts everywhere else. From my experience you can’t seem to define banter anyway after the whole drama with horo. Message the admin to ban me if you really feel like I deserve it then, I don’t wanna play BD anyway.


Battledawn’s dramas have always been a big part of what made the game active and gave reason for players to play continuous eras. Banter so slight shouldn’t be an issue. Just like you don’t give a damn about it, even The Expert acknowledged that the comment shouldn’t have been taken so severely.


We just hit a relic.


choose one. can’t have both since those contradict each other


desperate Carter grasping at straws. using any way possible to get rid of competition. we talk trash in BD all the time. that’s part of the game. idk. in my opinion that was a very low thing to do. using a message to get rid of another player instead of fighting them fairly head-on. if you were actually that bothered to the point of spazzing out and having a seizure and foaming at the mouth about being called a jew, you could have waited until the end of the era to snitch on him, after fighting him fairly. instead of getting him banned to get an advantage.


He said pretty clearly the message wasn’t directed at him. It wasn’t him that reported the player either. Either be constructive and enjoy the era or shut up and stop trying to cause more shit over something that you’re not at all involved in


Yeah thanks guys, couldn’t even keep it for a day


you asked for too much from us.


shush you :frowning: reds pls?


WW3 member dead


Hello, i am Sadrik the player who reported Expert JW and got him banned for it, Carter didn’t have anything to do with it btw.
In my opinion you view this whole thing wrong, i don’t mind much for trash talking “noobs” “bad players” “easy” and w/e normal gameplay trash talking… but racism? there is no place for that in this game or in any other game.
saying “what can i expect from a jew” is very offensive even if u dont understand why it is offensive, you dont need to, its enough i find it offensive.
i dont need to be spazzing out having a seizure to report such massage, and i dont need to wait for the end of an era, he shouldnt send such massage, and if he gets banned for it - thats great for me, u didnt want to get banned? why did u send such massage? its my damn right to play without getting racist massages, and if you choose to go so low and be racist over an game, you deserve a ban right away.


I already know this isn’t going to go over well, but I have to do it.

You don’t like getting racist massages? Stop going to the KKK House of a Thousand Pleasures! They really do overcharge as it is…

In all seriousness, I feel a deep pity for any human being who allows words to harm them. In a world of lead balls that can travel in excess of 500 M/s, Nuclear warheads and bootleg Moonshine that can shut your kidneys down with a single sip, you choose to let the one (Literally, One) thing in this world that cannot possibly harm you in any way hurt you worse than any cut? That’s disappointing to see in a fellow human being, to be honest.

On a COMPLETELY unrelated note, speaking of offensive messages… ahem. Hey, Plo. Don’t suppose you’re out there, are ya? Also, hello Psi : D


people here lost every bit of proportions. don’t worry i don’t sit in the corner crying about the bad offensive man, to be fair i forgot about the massage 3 minutes after we finished talking, so if no person on earth should let words hurt them we should all be robots, they don’t feel pain at all, much better isn’t it?

anyway you are missing the point, Racism - shouldn’t be a thing, not here and not anywhere else, it starts with words and go to much much worse things, you can open history book to see which things i am talking about, and not just Jews, don’t worry i don’t think earth revolves around us.
i wont accept racism to fly by me, also i didn’t go out protesting in the streets, he was racist, i reported it, he got punished , the end.

P.S. if you don’t want to be punished for racist massages, don’t send them.


I remember the day @Vahnati called me a filthy worthless ni**er, did I get mad? Yes for a bit or maybe I shouldn’t at all, it was just the way he expressed himself that time. I just got upset to see it coming from a “friend” just cuz were fighting each other. He could’ve used better words to demonstrate his feelings in that moment? Yeah he could, but he didn’t idk why, maybe he was angry… who knows.

Ppl nowadays get so butthurt by anything which make this world sucks everyday.

You play a war game on the Earth map, you put up ur flags and still we gotta send love letters to our enemies, cuz we can’t insult to trigger 'em because they gonna cry.

I miss the gold ol’ days, ppl were more mature to deal with it.

Hi @Vahnati xD



Back to the kills.

Jajas can kill too…