E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


PLO killed himself trying to take a relic I hear. Deems him right for sitting on his ass for days while others fought his war around him, and then just trying to move for relics. That type of selfish play comes back to bite you in the ass.


Bk my boy, ill say what I said before

We all KNEW that we would lose the era if we lost in AA, I’m not being “defeatist” or a sore loser, it’s just a fact on how PSI and PLO play this game. I’ve been with PSI when this has happened before and now I was against him. Basically they got the entire world to build pure anti the rank 1 (people usually like doing that anyway). And to people who say that shits easy to defend, it really isn’t when ur up against all the different chassis types and they all are purely anti you. Our allies were never in Asia and only an inactive noob (vru :smiley:) was in europe.

We actually did kill quiet a few people off, but if they can just build back while we’re in AA it just looks like we sucked :frowning:




Can we make PLO Antrax 2.0 :wink:


Oh ffs, I wanted to quit the era in peace! Now everyone is demanding I play again :pensive:


Your choice lol. I love my sleep, so not playing BD is an amazing thing. I remember the last 3 ticker I played, I figuratively wanted to kill myself. It’s terrible.


Yo its so weird, ive quit for a few days now and i feel like a new man


wait till your brain adjusts itself to real life problems and then u wont feel so new anymore :slight_smile:


I did not plant as a spammer, nor at the behest of Psi or Plo (Oh, how very laughable a notion, that). I dropped tick 1 in damn near the exact same spot I always plant, near Berlin. Hell Yea from NUKE conquered me by tick 10, thus volunteering himself quite nobly. I will commend on him on his very high SP, though I suspect his spy never left home for the course of the war, but ultimately, his inactivity sealed his fate. SMAW just so happened to be located nearby and had begun their own uprising, which targeted NUKE (my interests) as well as TO (then LGBT). I truly and honestly never knew who anyone in SMAW was until I joined, things have just taken a strange twist and so here I am.

Sorry for all the trouble, but I will not have it insinuated as that I am a Psi or Plo minion who answered a call to arms. I was already here, for better or worse.



smh can’t read

We saw you building up in europe but we legit didn’t want another person to spam us, yet he conquered you anyway :\


… I am well aware you already noted his inactivity. I was giving my perspective. Suggesting that I am illiterate… come on now, be reasonable. I mean honestly.

His conquering me was unavoidable, at tick 10 I was just another colony, with a name that probably wasn’t looked twice at as being anything other than an AI colony. By the time you would have been concerned with “spammers”, my agents were already heavily planted and building to destroy Vru’s army begun. I doubt very highly you guys looked at me at tick 1 and said “no, don’t conquer that one.”


4E and PF saw PLO and said “hold my beer, let me go past potato.” 4E and PF fighting now over the same cursed relic PLO died on. While TO invades Africa once again. GG coalition of the willing, TO shall win the round do to their enemies insolence.

Also Legz killed Merry Jane, nice kill.


Poor Hawkeye, tho he had bought a ticket to AA…

Hell was closer…


Just if you guys know boom ( ww3) was never a serious alliance just watchers and inactives and not that skilled. only 3 people were active rest never took any part in anything but sat and build and OVO and IVY were fighting boom since start with RATA and JW as spammers, they agreed for peace later when things got hard. and ww3 is still an inactive alliance with just three people fighting and spammers still keep popping everywhere with pure anti chassis. :slight_smile:

Anyways you guys carry on here just wanted to clear some things up and i think i did.

  • HeRo.


I think what Carter means is that you had a crystal for a hell of a long time and were clearly building up (we had a marker on you with your units recruited), and that had we not been busy elsewhere we would’ve cleaned you before you had a chance to join a more active team


I was asked many times by @trajic1 to plant and spam :slight_smile: but i told him thats wrong, that he is great player and that i trust in him to win all alone like always :slight_smile:


Another minion dies in AA.


I’m amazed at the general lack of shit talking and just general hatred for either team.

I mean well done, looked like a real fun era. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen Alfie and T say good things about each other :see_no_evil:


I have very strict no shit talking rules.


Cocaine is a hell of a drug!