E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


You misspelled it.



It seems Alfie… Lost some squads.


479 inf isnt just some squads xD


Knew I’d come back to this, was that ari?
Refer to my bc in game, but it doesn’t matter. Well done @Psi and @trajic1, you managed to rescue plo’s era. I did what I could, made some mistakes ofc, but tried my hardest.

Glad I can still attract such passionate hatred from all of you xD Till the next time


Welcome back to battledawn!


Glad you actually fought back this time, in all seriousness you have a lot of potential. Yaz is a curse stay away from him and youll get far :stuck_out_tongue: anywho its no hatred, just always fun to fight a higher power. oh and ofc you can always blame stark for not holding his word lol


Oh ye, I missed the Dog Eddard Barking… Last E3 He barked so loud, I hope he didn’t lost his voice.

And np @Alfie it was a great era, I had a lot of fun.


I saw a bc that says the fight isn’t over. Also you were supposed to suicide into PLO again…not poor Ari :frowning:


hell nah yaz is my new bae

And @Gaurav yep, seaweed raged and deleted my broadcast xD He’s a fighter so you guys enjoy tango-ing with him for a while. I would’ve tried to fight to the end as well but would struggle without an army. Plus I crave sleep once again


You have a bigger army than most people on the map still. The sleep though is something hard to find on an era like this. Seaweed seems to get enough of it though.


You got the workers and time to get an army bro. There are some minions in AA yet. Make West AA your last stand.


Hey everyone Runaway here just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. Overall we were outplayed in AA but ultimately the spammers are what got us. They came from everywhere and we were busy in AA, completely engulfed us. While I don’t approve of the planters it is legal so oh well. Fight isn’t over yet though!

To the end



Fun era. ------------------------


You are a warrior!!!


Which spammers bro?

I planted tick 474 when NUKE and SGT(TO) were pushing PLO. I joined at tick 500 and something with trajic when you guys came to AA by the first time and got outplayed, 2 armies disbanded etc etc. Then came again, 200 squads, 122 real squads, we survived for 200 ticks (LGBT + NUKE vs us alone) you guys got outplayed again.

At that moment you had BIA (Protecting Aussie as they told), BOMB (Now WW3, that we tried Diplo and they were with Seaweed), IVY that were also with you guys.

The only alliance that planted were 4E and RATA which really did help (PHF also planted and helped us when the 200 squads came). SMAW offered us help, PF we did Diplo. JW in NA offered us help.

When all the attacks started you guys had ur allies, OvO agreed to join ur side (Also tried Diplo with 'em).

So… IVY, BOMB(WW3), NUKE, OvO, BIA and you guys. All with more power than us.

You guys lost it on the second visit to AA with 200 squads, you had everything to finish us off, but didn’t make the right call. Your allies sucked, even more powerful but weren’t active enough. We had the activity and we managed to outplay you guys.

So let’s not blame it on the “spammers” or our “allies”. We proved ourselves when we outplayed you all. You lost there. So move on and learn with the mistakes. Keep fighting till the end.

EDIT: And ofc, not forgetting to thank SMAW. That’s what we can call allies and 4E for the assistance.


the real 4E? those talentless nubs actually did something worthwhile?


Yeah, they did well. xD


The spammers didn’t kill your army. Also with the amount of income you guys had and the amount of allies you had at the time, people spamming you shouldn’t be a problem, soon as you guys landed in AA and started your assault me and psi spoke about what could happen and what we think will happen. There was one way that you guys could have ended the era there and then but, I guess it was the lack of leadership, or lack of war knowledge that, made you do what you did in AA(can speak about it after the era is done).

And psi, RATA didn’t plant most of them were already there but had no armies. :stuck_out_tongue: only 4E planted late. You can’t really call them spammers as they have grown very quick and become one of the powerhouses of the era.


Here’s the thing, when the spamming begun we were all in Aussie or AA. I was the only one even remotely close to Asia. Not saying we didn’t get outplayed in AA, we absolutely did. But without SMAW, 4E, and RATA from NA, this era looks very different. This is my outlook on it and how I feel it happened, I respect your opinions though and you guys did outplay us, but ultimately the timing of the spam was what caused what we are in now, in my opinion.


"Leaveth squads behind, to keepeth thy territory safe from potential spams
Don`t bringeth everything thou has’t to the frontline
For the game thee playeth is a war game
And thou has’t to beest addressed for what may cometh "

  • Sir Isaac Newton PRS