E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


Less than 50

And getting you cheating isn’t something to brag about


What was the cheat that you accuse them of using?


OP just got nuked, Merciful had been conquered by PLO for 100+ ticks, I don’t have 100% proof (admin can check, if tom ever logged) but when we turned from his colony onto an OP that had just been nuked and had 7 ct, someone locked it (you can’t lock if you’re on the same team and its not a 24 ct outpost), and merciful then joins PLO and launches on our destination too, only to be kicked later for PSI



Oh boy this should be good


So you didnt add sp and accuse PLO of cheating. Oh Carter


Oh no, it wasn’t our op if you read the text above, it was PLO’s

Remember, you can’t lock your own op if you don’t have 24 ct on it

I didn’t accuse PLO tho, I accused Merciful. PLO can just play it off since there’s no ingame proof he told him to do it, but Merciful doing it is most defiantly illegal


You wrote you turned from his colony back to an op. So that op was your origin? If so, did you not defend your origin and instead let it get taken?


It got nuked G, so they did manage to take it back, and then lock it…

This dialogue is for naught tho, @Elcent has informed me that all of this is apparently legal, which is really great that you can just replace and use people at will, shame I don’t have a wallet and friends :frowning:


Ofcourse it’s all legal. You know the new update was meant to allow players to play within game mechanics and not have an admin nit pick over whats allowed and whats not.

P.s. never lose your origin wtf


Expecting some salt here soon… go fishing boys


Nuke hit op 7 tick. Agent needs 6 tick for lock. Merciful didnt lock it. think outside the box. No one is cheating here. lol


Can we get a br from that fight


@Carter I will explain how it was done

I saw you guys moving near PLO , i wanted to have fun and moved my spy onto your OP, and planted an agent

The OP got nuked my agent died and I replanted - now you all were on PLO’s shield

1 tick before shield ended I was having 6 Infill on the op , PLO had an agent too and. 0 SP

I planned with PLO to lock you on your return and get you nuked, but 2 of U pulled, and third one died on colony

You were ETA 1 back to PLO’s op (your original launch point ) and I had 7 infill . pLO killed his agent and I locked the OP , then joined the team and sent my squads along with theirs .

Everything done was absolutely fair

There is no BR bcz gthey disbanded everything except 4 sqyads that got ioned

Btw the reason I left afterwards is BCz I don’t play active anymore, I have school



using a 3rd party agent isn’t illegal anymore apparently, but y’all clearly are slimey :fish:


I don’t see why it should be illegal bcz it’s my choice whether to plant an agent or use it lol


it was before??

Could have reported a few people . ::smiley:


It never was illegal, has no one played CE or what?

EDIT: Re-read, he was conquered by PLO for hundreds of ticks in the same era. That’s what makes it illegal. If he’s an ally helping with agents why is he conquered by another ally?


PLO learned it, we killed him on that M2 using a 3rd party agent. You and Yaz was there iirc xD


And yet 2 relics just dropped, one in AA, one in Mexico. Can we get an explanation as to why that changed, unannounced?


Mexicans are Italians too!