E3 Era 89, Italy showdown!


@Alfie shhhh planted really late i got more than u


@Alfie was too busy soloing fronts rather than setting up attacks on relics, and kills :stuck_out_tongue:


More what? Rank?? well done, I’m sure everyone will remember karl’s great contribution to that era… one of your many greats!

I wouldn’t be sharing those stats if I were you. Did you do anything other than fly a big arrow around?

@Kaen, I’m sorry, I’ll like all your recent posts to try and make up for it


I did loads more than you karl


alfie did more than us to combined.

Im not trying to toot his horn @Alfie but @AndreaBaldi you should really check yourself before you wreck yourself


@Germanicus lol
boy i dont play to be great i just play for fun
@alfie i love to joke around and u know :smiley:


only this m2 friends are helping me
about silver with the stats why not :smiley:
about suicide i have many suicides on my old era’sm2 suicide isnt the only one :dancer:


8k kills in 1700 ticks on a 3ticker EARTH as the “best player” of the upper dog alliance. My point about overrated players losing lead like usual still stands


This thread confuses me


Hey, look, it’s me : D

This was I’m quite sure 2 ticks before Dan landed on my spied OP (that’s his big arrow, my OP and spy) and got his army burned. About 5 ticks later, his buddy Seaweed (was it Runaway?) would come up from the south to reinforce him, only to get burned themselves on a radar that can’t be seen here xD Unfortunately, I never had more than the one spy to do the burn with, hence the armies got away, but I did buy myself some valuable sleeping time.


I do not know what you are talking about, there was nothing learned the hard way and you weren’t being an ass. You denied diplomacy which I accepted and expected then we talked about nothing for a while.


NGL was not SGC, you know this.


What’s an SGC? :thinking:


Duh, i was the leader :thinking:


youre aware that you burned 12 real squads and 7 spams lol, what was ur 60 beam gunna chew through the rest of my 100 armor on my TB and another 18 squads nearby?


You also only burned 5 of mine haha but oh well


A burn is a burn, you guys should be more careful next time


Apply Cold water to the burnt area.It should help :stuck_out_tongue:


Loool well at least it was a good era


Looked like a great era! Remember guys if you lost man still go and place somewhere and still support BattleDawn! You can only get better by continuing to play and learn different strategies and find out what works and what doesn’t work!